As recent  info on our new and old Big Brother 2011 HG’s surface, I’ll try to keep us updated on what’s happening with the Big Brother 2011 House.

As posted in my previous post– a news interview with Dr. Will has confirmed that he will not be involved with the new season.

A brand-new video gives us some tips on the “Dynamic Duos” who will shake things up. Julie says quite clearly that “there will be duos you love and love to hate.” Oh Lord, I feel Rachels hair extensions from here.

Click on the video below, but first look closely at the hands. Is that Jeff’s hand? And Jordan’s– Rachel’s??

While we dig, I want to say a few words about the Big Brother 2011 Live Feeds.

It’s not what you think, either. Yep, we do get a commission on the feeds if you sign up with us. But it’s a such a tiny amount, that NO one would do this if they didn’t truly, deeply love this show–and want you to love it, too. I want ya’ll to get the feeds because I want you to jump on the comments, and the chat, and Facebook OUTRAGED by something you saw on the feeds so we can all talk about it. I want you guys to know, REALLY know what’s happening in that house.

example of quad cam-season 11

Here’s what happened for me..  For many years, I THOUGHT I was watching Big Brother. I was a devoted fan from Season One and I couldn’t wait.. Couldn’t WAIT for the next episode to come on.

THEN, came BBAD (Big Brother After Dark- the nightly show on Showtime). And it was great. I got to see three extra hours of the Houseguests, doing things and saying things I never dreamed of on the regular, CBS show. I was shocked. What I thought I knew about the Houseguests on that season was so totally wrong, it almost hurt my feelings. The only problem was I couldn’t stay up till 3am CT to watch-and had to watch it on DVR.

But that was only a TINY portion of what was really, REALLY going on in that house. It wasn’t until the LIVE FEEDS became available that I sat back.. Mind blown…Nothing you watch all summer is as fun as watching these people. Is it a tad voyeuristic? Will you feel just a smidge like a peeping Tom?

Uh.. hells yeah.. And what a deliciously naughty and eye-opening experience it is…Plus- you’ll see scenes you will NEVER see on TV- AND… (the BEST thing to me)– you get to watch the Endurance Comps, start to finish.

  • On CBS- you get three hours a week of heavily (and I mean heavily, heavily, HEAVILY) edited footage.
  • Add in BBAD- you get 3 hours a night of Live Footage- with ONE camera view. Nice, true- but you’ll still miss the majority of  events, conversations, fightin’ and lovin’.
  • With the Superpass 24/7 Live Feeds, you get live, unedited, uncensored-streaming video from very cameras you see in the house on the TV show. The HG’s have nowhere to hide. With four camera angles to choose from–YOU are the boss. Not the networks… YOU.

The other feature you get with the Feeds is FLASHBACK. If you hear about a huge blow-up that happened while you were at work, all you have to do is click on Flashback, plug in the time the fight occurred and viola- U are There!

And psst..It’s cheap, guys. The pre-season discount will expire on July 6th. It gives you three months of 24/7 coverage for only $29.99. And this season, they’re even giving us our very first taste of watching the feeds on our mobile devices. (iOS4 and Android)

Now, yes.. the CBS show is free. (If you have cable or satellite) and if that’s all the Big Brother 2011 you need, then that’s totally cool. We’re here for you to give you all the extra info you want. And if BBAD is enough, that’s cool, too. BBAD isn’t free, though. You must pay a monthly fee for Showtime, but again, cool.

But if it’s total BB immersion you want. If you wanna open up your computer at any hour of the day or night and check up on your favorite HG—there’s only one way.

And if you decide you want to give the FREE trial a shot. We’d be honored if you’d try it HERE.

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