Some of the Big Brother 2011 newbies have gone into total flip-out mode today and the pool made it’s first Live Feed appearance. *sigh*

The “awesome eight” is going crumblier than Adam’s beard.


Keith is in full-blown freak mode, bouncing from one HG to another complaining that Lawon is spreading lies about him, and trying to explain how he’s just being straight-up. The problem is.. his “straight-up” changes depending on who he’s talking to..all of which is based on things Lawon told him.  During one of these sessions-where he pinned Jeff in the lounge, Kalia and Lawon totally busted him. Though his partner is hardly better- scurrying from person to person, whispering.

After all the whispering- Brendan and Rachel brought Keith and Lawon together- and Keith called Lawon out for feeding him lies. \ Lawon admitting to telling him certain things-but not others- causing them to bring Kalia into the little party. Afterward, Lawon was in tears of anger. The thing is–Keith can’t play the game. People will whisper things to you, but in the history of this game, it’s the folks who blow up about anything in the first week or two are the first ones out.


Jeff, Brendon and Jordan had a heart to heart with Dom, around the pool, trying to feel him out. Dom’s a cocky little dude, who is trying to play hard-ass with the big boys. That’s gonna come back to bite him in the ass later..

One thing that perplexed me… Dom went straight to Dani, after his convo around the pool, bragging about how he “laid it out” to Jeff and Brendon. Then Dani told him that she knew she was the low man on the Vet’s totem pole and wanted to break those couples up. Hard to know if she was blowing smoke up his butt–or if she meant it. One thing’s for sure. The years between BB8 and BB13 have not been good to daughter Dani.

Jeff and Rachel had a whispered convo, where Rach told Jeff about a deal she offered Keith–if she takes he and Porshe off the block, they can’t nom or backdoor either of the 2 couples. Yeah.. right.. Jeff doesn’t trust it, and told her the key to their game is getting Shelly and Cassi on their side.  The Vets had a meeting and agreed with him, calling Shelly up to offer her an official alliance-which she accepted immediately.

We will soon learn the truth about what happened to Dick. He’s finally broke radio silence on Twitter-

It’s funny how many of the newbies, particularly, are “locking down” who they’re voting for.. Guys–it’s a loooooong time till Thursday.  Things are heating up in the Big Brother 2011 House. Sign up here for the LIVE FEEDS — cause this game is JUST getting starting!



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