The Big Brother 2011 Newbies were thrown for a loop last night when two of their members voted with the Vets-causing Keith’s eviction. The Newbies–especially Dom and Cassie’s– confidence crumbled.  And when Jordan won HOH- it left the new group scrambling to discover who betrayed them.

When the LIVE FEEDS returned right after the CBS show, we were smack dab  in the middle of a confrontation between Rachel and Cassi-with Rachel slamming Cassi for being “mean” to Porshe. Cassi defended herself, saying she wasn’t mean.  It’s just that she and Cassi don’t “click.” Afterward, Cassi was in tears-and Lawon and Shelly comforted her, while Rachel and Porshe did a happy dance in the storeroom.

**For the record… I’m glad Keith is gone. I believe it was strategically necessary to give the Vets a fighting chance. But I also think Porshe is a vain, shallow little ditz and I hate to see her smirking with that Golden Key…

Jordan got her HOH room! Fun!

Later, the Vets discussed who they wanted to put on the block.  It went back and forth between Dom and Cassi- with Dani defending Dominic. Earlier, she told Dom she’d do whatever she could to protect him.. But Jeff and Jordan seem pretty firm on putting him up. Dani will try to sway them–she and Dom have a little flirtmance going on.  She likes him, but mainly she knows she can use him–unlike Cassi, who I believe sees through Dani’s manipulations.

I will say this– If I had to pick ONE person who’s playing the BEST game out of all the HG’s—-it’s Dani. She’s safe, and she’s playing a beautiful social, and a masterful strategic game.



None of the Newbies suspect that Shelly was the second vote. They believe it was Adam, and Shelly’s (smartly) keeping her mouth shut.   I just don’t know how long she’ll be able to keep it in. You can see it’s really troubling her.  What do you guys think?  Should Shelly keep quiet about her vote?

Today’s LIVE FEEDS will be some of the best of the year, as we see the fallout of Nominations AND the results of the Have-Not competition.  Get yours HERE if you want to try to FREE TRIAL. Remember….this game JUST got started.






Jeff and Jordan got the HOH room, but don’t expect the same action we saw when Brenchel reigned.. Jordan is a lady-  and I’d bet my pinkie toe there won’t be any “Hiding under sheets.”      (though you NEVER’s a long season-lol)

Watching them, I’m reminded of a song– “If you want it, then you’d better put a ring on it.”

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