Big Brother 2011 Nominations haven’t happened yet, but there will be no big surprises there.. However, there is some BIG news!!

Porshe was offered and opened Pandora’s Box.  She got 5 grand.. But the POV will be played in DUOS!! So whichever pair wins… BOTH the contestants are safe!

Watch the LIVE FEEDS tomorrow for the outcome of the POV– where the whole darn thing will basically be decided.

The teams are–Adam and Shelly, Porshe and Kalia, and Jordan and Rachel.

So this thing MAY not be over after all.  AND ponder on this one.. Whichever team wins POV will be the deciding votes on who goes home this week.

BTW- Porshe is trying to figure out how to cheat in the POV, to sabotage Jordan and Rachel.



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