How many times have you read angry comments from folks on Big Brother 2011 sites like this, Facebook, or Twitter saying “Come on people! THIS IS JUST A GAME!”

Well, they’re right. All the people out there who hate Shelly above and beyond a game level need to understand something. There is nothing wrong with going into Big Brother planning on playing the “Lying Game.” The issue most people have with her is that she either A) Did it so badly, it became pathetic. Or (the more likely scenario) B) She STILL refuses to admit–even to us– that she’s lying. C) She, herself, doesn’t know she’s playing that lying game.. In her own mind, she’s playing with honor.

Playing the lying game is a legitimate BB strategy. Several past HG have done it quite sucessfully. Dr. Will came into his first season and on day one, told the other HG’s that he would lie, manipulate them, and get into their heads to win the game. And he did. Dan, on his season, didn’t tell the other Houseguests, but he told us in his Diary Room sessions.

Both of these past BB winners played the lying game. But they did it with such finesse, charm and grace, that we ate it up. The main difference between their strategies and how Shelly’s tried to play is simple. The other two were honest (with America, and with themselves, at least) about who they were, and how they were playing. And we loved them for it.

It’s Shelly’s insistence on her loyalty, integrity and honor that rubs us the wrong way.

Looking back on HG’s who played the lying game badly-we have plenty of examples. Ronnie, Season 11, Natalie, Season 11 and even Matt, Season 12-though to a lesser degree. Each of these players knew they couldn’t compete with the “competitors” in the house, so they decided on a different approach. It was their execution of it–as it is with Shelly- that made most of us dislike them.

Ronnie’s arrogance, Natalie’s sliminess, and Matt’s over-the limit lies about his wife’s fake cancer turned us off. It’s the same with Shelly. For most of us, it’s not her turning on Her alliance-and JeJo in particular– that stings. It’s her continued belief that she’s the good guy, playing a good game that skeeves us out. The vote for Daniele, for instance.. That was a bone-head move. She knew that Dani was going. Ergo.. there was no point in ruining her standing with her alliance at that point. Also, hiding Rachel’s stuffed dog and continuing to lie about it, even though Rachel knows she took it?? A clever liar knows when to back down.

Dr. Will and Dan folded their cards when they knew the deck was stacked against them. But the main reason we loved them was because they did not sow personal discord between the other players, and they only lied to others..Never themselves…

Last night in the BY, while Shelly lay patting her stuffed dog and pouting, the rest of the house got together and compared all the lies she’d told. This is very, VERY bad for the liar. A smart liar tells enough truths to confuse the HG’s, but makes sure his/her lies are ambiguous enough that IF the two sides get together, they won’t know for sure if they’ve been lied to or not. Again… not smart. FLASHBACK 6pm BBT

Lots of people out there are irritated that “Floaters” have made it this far. I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again… In Big Brother 2011 a FLOATER is someone who floats from side to side, following the power. It is NOT someone who hasn’t won competitions. Kalia is NOT a floater. Neither is Jordan or Rachel. They have all picked a side and stuck with them, whether they’ve won competitions or not. Porshe USED to be a floater, but when she allied with the Dombies, that ended. Adam is somewhat of a floater, though he stuck with the JeJo alliance through the hard times, and it looks like he may stay the course. If he does, he loses his Floater tag. Shelly CAN no longer be a floater, since neither side wants her, due to her clumsy lying game. So–Floating is no longer an option at this point in the game.

The time for strategy is all but over. Now, it’s about WINNING. I’ll admit, there have been HG’s who got to the end without winning competitions..I’ve mentioned them above (i,e, Dr. Will). But that can’t happen in this season. From here on out, you MUST win to stay. The F5 HOH and the F4 POV winners will determine the outcome of the game. In Big Brother history, there have been plenty of “Floaters” who only stepped up their game and started winning toward the end, who went on to win the whole thing. (i.e. Adam, season 9.)

We’re at a HUGE crossroad in the game. It’s do or die for one side or the other, beginning on Thursday night.

Stay close to your LIVE FEEDS– a confrontation is coming between all the house and Shelly, I feel it in the air–If you don’t have the FEEDS-Give the FREE TRIAL a shot, and see what you’ve been missing!

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