Things are beginning to heat up in the Big Brother 2011 House. Every season has it’s honeymoon period, before the claws start coming out.

    Guess what guys… The Honeymoon is Over—–

Dominick is targeting Jeff in a big way. I’m not certain if he’s trying to prove whose is biggest, or what? But he snipes at Jeff constantly.. Jeff’s taking it well, but if Dom’s not careful, he’ll soon learn that he’s a little bitty rooster who’s poking the bear…..Does he not remember Russell?? We do.. I kinda hope he keeps it up, so Jeff can put him in his place. Besides…I can’t WAIT to see Jordan chest bump the little punk.

YAY! We have our first active new strategist. Up to now, only the Vets were doing any heavy planning and scheming. But now, Kalia has implemented a plan to A) Join with the Vets. B) Get rid of her partner. C) Get herself a Golden Key. After sharing her plans with Jordan and Brendon, to make certain the Vets were onboard, Kalia “confessed” to Dominic that she “wanted to go home.”


Kalia made Dom swear not to tell Cassi or Lawon–to keep it “just between the two of them.” Of course, she is pinning her hopes that he WILL tell all the Newbies, so if one of them win HOH, they’d consider putting up she and Lawon. It’ risky- but she feels good about having the votes, with the Vets’ support.

I doubt that would happen if one of the Newbies win the HOH, though. They are dead set on getting one of the Vet couples out. Particularly J and J.
BTW- The question has been answered– Last night in the hammock with Dom,Keith and Dani- Lawon confessed that he likes boys AND girls.

The Vets have changed their focus. They are beginning to see that Cassi–who they’d asked into their alliance–is the major manipulator on the Newbie side. And they clearly see the “secret” alliance of Dom, Cass, and Lawon.

We’ll discover Wed. night why–oh why–Brenchel periodically wears Superhero costumes–at random times. But tonite we saw, for the first time……SUPERJORDAN!

Time’s running out for you to get the LIVE FEEDS before Thursday’s LIVE eviction. Get yours HERE and stay in the know about who’s telling the truth.


Who are you tending toward? Sound out on the comments below—To help you make up your mind- here’s a quick run-down on how the house is split…

    The Vets

— the Vets alliance is firm. Brenchel, JeJo and Dani are tight. And they have Shelly and Kalia entrenched in their corner, though those two won’t be outed until Thursday.

    The Newbies–

Cassi, Lawon, Dom,Keith ¬†are 100 percent together. The three C,K, D want to keep Keith, though it’s not that they want to keep him as much as they want to get rid of Porshe… who is one of the uncertains—-

The Big Brother 2011 Floaters are Porshe and Adam. Porshe only wants a golden key and Adam’s playing his own game. He’s agreed to work with the Vets, but no one truly knows where he stands.

The Vet group wants to keep Porshe because they know they can control her vote. The Newbies wanna keep Keith for the same reason, so Thursday will show where the floaters will land.

Check out the poll below- and let’s hear your voice… Whose side are you on?

Rachel had a few too many last night and showed us her own version of Julie Chen’s interview skills.



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