Today’s Big Brother 2011 POV ceremony may end up being sweet revenge for Daniele. The HOH always holds the ultimate power when POV ceremony time comes around. But this one in particular- after the events of last week-might be Dani’s big F-you to Brenchel.

The “terrible two” either fought–well, I wouldn’t call it fighting, it was more like Brendon constantly berated Rachel for opening her “f’ing mouth” while Rachel begged him for forgiveness and rubbed his head in penance–or, they exhausted themselves throwing Jeff and Jordan under the bus  and getting their lips dirty, kissing Daniele’s butt, while talking about what “loyal” people they are all night… FLASHBACK to last night, 9:20pm BBT and watch Dani nod and say mmm hmm a lot.  (psst- note times on the images, her expression NEVER changes in almost an hour.)



The rest of the house actually got along really well last night, laughing and cutting up and playing pranks on each other, i.e. filling a condom with aloe gel and hiding it in Adam’s bed. Hilarious.. FLASHBACK to 1:43am BBT

Speaking of pranks…Porshe, that waste of Big Brother 2011 space, got busted out by production for spiking the HG’s muscle milk with Benefiber and Daddy BB made her throw it away.

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Daniele says she wants nothing more than to get the big PHD out of the house, but we won’t know for sure until today.  However, Dani keeps talking about making “big moves.”  Evicting Shelly is not a big move by anyone’s standards, so my gut tells me we’ll see Brenchel pouting in the purple room when FEEDS come back from POV Ceremony today.

Stay close to your LIVE FEEDS today and throughout the rest of the week. If Brendon goes up, it is sure to be a DRAMA-filled one. If you want to see Rachel go off her nut again, SIGN up here!!

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