Blast-off!!!!– in the Big Brother 2011 House!

BB surprised the Houseguests last night with a huge mini-golf course. They left a note which Rachel read to the HG’s telling them to practice for an upcoming event. I don’t believe this is for the HOH, however. Most of us, including the VETs, believe it’ll be a question HOH comp.
Perhaps something like Majority Rules. Click on the picture below- from Daniele’s Season 8 version of the Comp, to refresh your memory.

Er…Check out Rachel’s shoes and don’t even ASK me about Keith’s wig—I have no idea.. lol

All the HG’s took turns practicing, but the real gaming happened when the two core groups met in private to discuss who was on who’s side. Surprisingly, Jeff and Kalia got into a weird argument about….of all things….Dumbledore being gay. Jeff’s opinion was that there was no way he was gay and running  a school full of little kids. Things got heated when Kalia said her sister was gay.  She and Jeff both got loud–it’s so, SO obvious that the pressure is getting to all of them. They made up later and everything’s cool, but remember folks. It’s only week ONE.. I say again, Week ONE!

(Jeff’s wrong, btw- JK Rowling has said that in her imagination Dumbledore was gay.. {Not that there’s anything wrong with that}– 🙂 )

The core Newbie group, Dom,Cassi and Lawon are so certain of their victory in the vote on Thursday that it’s comical. They believe the Vets have absolutely NO idea they are together–and that the Vets “love them” and they are “golden.”

Puheeze…  The Vets saw these three a mile away, and Dom and Cassi are their primary targets.  Dani, particularly, is a very astute judge of character and a master strategist. She finally convinced the other Vets that Adam is a loose cannon and that they can’t trust him fully. 

Okay.. broken record time.. But if you want to get in just in time to see the fireworks really hit.. Now’s the time to Get your FREE TRIAL of the LIVE FEEDS.  Then, you can witness the aftermath of the first vote for yourself, when the Newbies eyes are opened for the first time. AND the aftermath of the second HOH. On the LIVE FEEDS after the Vote Thursday night, all Hell will break loose in the house when the Newbies realize they are not–in fact– running the house. And watch as everyone scrambles when we have a new HOH.  And it’s gonna be EPIC.




Big Brother 2011 Meow! Cassi and Porshe’s catfight.

OK- you naughty boys– I know what you’re thinking.. “Mmmm, Those two had a catfight?? Dude…”

You just get those dirty thoughts out of your head, mister.
Alas— It was only VERBAL. No pillow throwing, wrestling, or lingerie-ripping…Not yet. But as much as these two hate each other, it’s only a matter of time.



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