Ok, you Big Brother 2011 fans. Are you ready to show off your Big Brother knowledge  in this pre-BB13 Trivia Contest? Big Brother 2011 is only days away!

wanna play?

Here’s the rules:  All you have to do, is sign into our comments section on this post with your answers, and sign up for our mailing list, or share us on Facebook, Twitter, or post a link to Bigbigbrother.com in your blog. This will be on the honor system, so please make a note in your comment how you shared the contest.

Then, all you have to do is show off your BB genius!

The answers will be posted at 11:30 pm, July 1st. If more than one person answers the questions correctly, we’ll have a drawing among those winners for the grand prize– a Big Brother T-Shirt– and we’ll contact that person privately to get their mailing address.

So here we go…..Our pre- Big Brother 13 Trivia Contest!

How well do you know Big Brother?

1.)  In Season 7- Big Brother All-Stars, who was the first POV winner?

2.)  In Season 9- One of the “Power couples” was evicted. On their way out, a bell rang– stopping the eviction. Who did the Houseguests vote to KEEP?

3.)  Who won the Season 11 HOH Competition, “The S’more the Merrier?”

4.)  Who was the winner of the final Season 3 POV?

5.)  In Season 10- who told Dan he was a “disgrace to their religion?”

6.)  In the Season 9 HOH competition “Glass Houses” who willingly gave the contest to another HG, and was subsequently betrayed?

7.)  In Season 8- what catchphrase did  Eric have to use three times in order to complete his America’s Player’s task?

8.)  What is the current BB name for a plan, which originated with Season 5’s Nakomis’ 5-finger plan?

9.)  In Big Brother 6- who was the originator of the “Sovereign Six?”

10.) What special power from Pandora’s Box was awarded to Matt in Season 12?

BONUS: What TV actor visited the HG’s in the BB house during Big Brother All-Stars Season 7?

So have at it, guys. I can’t wait to hear your answers. And when you’re ready to really roll.. We’d love for you to sign up with us for the Big Brother LIVE FEEDS. The Early Bird Special ends on Premiere day, July 7th. So sign up with us, and share your Big Brother 2011 Season with us!




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