The Big Brother 2011 Twist has been revealed, and it has everyone’s undies in a…well…twist…

If you watched the new, unknown BB13 Houseguest Video Interviews yesterday, you’ve seen that none of them seem to come off as super crazy… Yet.

I do have a few early favorites– I’ll list them in order of whom–upon first listen– impressed me the most.

Two things, on the Videos, helped me make these *admittedly premature* impressions. A)  What they left behind– Daddy vs. 2 Cell Phones? B) Which previous HG they most admire. Jeff/Jordan vs. Natalie?? Need I say more?

Who do you like so far? Share your views with us in the comment section below.

The big question now is which of the Big Brother 2011 “Dynamic Duos” will really join the eight newbies in the house?

You know how much Big Brother loves to mess with our minds. And I think a lot of fans are confused about the “VOTE.” On CBS, it clearly tells us to vote for who we think (operative word here–think,) will return to the house. Not vote for who WILL  return. Big Diff..

I believe one of two things will happen.

1.)  The list of “duos” that were announced will have to compete for a spot.

2.)  The list means nothing, and Big Brother 2011 already knows darn well who they are going to put back in the house, and it has nothing to do with the dadgum vote.

Case in point…. Dr. Will has a new baby. I find it hard to believe a doctor would go off for (potentially) three months and leave his practice and new family.  AND Dani Donato is VERY active on Twitter. Could she do that if she was preparing to go into the Big Brother 13 house?

There are a couple of the duos who are so hated, or un-interesting, that they have….HAVE to be red herrings. (Talking about you- Jesse and Natalie & Enzo and Hayden.)

We won’t know for sure what Big Brother 2011 really has up their sleeves until Premiere Night. But hang in there, and we’ll keep digging for the truth!

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PS– HAPPY CANADA DAY- to our friends in the North!


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