Today’s Big Brother 2011 Veto Ceremony should cement the line in the sand between the two sides of the house. Keep checking back as we UPDATE with results throughout the day.

Daniele met with individuals and teams, offering deals for her safety next week, and scoping out where each player(s) stands.

She assured Jeff and Jordan that they were NOT her target this week, but is seriously contemplating putting Jordan on the block against whichever Brenchel stays. Jordan is willing, though it’s always a dangerous situation to be a pawn, ¬†and will 100% pit the two power couples against each other.

For Brenchel, the original plan for the smoochy duo was for Brendon to use the POV on Rachel, so Brendon could leave to go back to his research job. But now, it appears he may…MAY…use it on himself. His brain seems to have overcome other body parts, enabling him to realize the volatile Rachel has ZERO chance to endure without him tempering her outbursts. Brendon and Rachel tried to convince Dani to put up Lawon and come back to the Vet fold.. If she refuses.. Brendon threatened her that he would come after her week after week….

Brendon lays it out to Dani

Check out the LIVE FEEDS to see if Brendon uses the POV on himself or Rachel, and who Daniele decides to use as a replacement nom. EVERYTHING– for the rest of the game–will play out depending on this outcome of this POV!

There’ve been some question regarding how we know the evicted HG’s are in sequester.. Apparently, a week or so ago, Allison Grodner, Big Brother 2011 executive producer, sounded off on the LIVE FEED chat room, confirming that the evictees ARE in sequester. That would only happen if they planned a twist to allow one of them back in the house. If if happens, expect it VERY soon.. Most likely this week!

Allison Grodner confirms the evicted HG are in sequester. CLICK TO ENLARGE

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