The Big Brother 2011 Elf finally won one! That’s right, folks. Cruddy the Elf pulled it out.

After a long Feeds session with no one talking about who won, we FINALLY learn that it was Adam.

Looks like it was a comp where you take a prize or punishment from someone.

Jeff won money

Shelly won 24 hour seclusion plus a phone call.

Jordan won a unitard.. And it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!

Kalia won a Caribbean vacation

Dani won a Veto Pass- means she can play in next Veto Comp

Adam will obviously take himself off. But what will Dani do? Adam says he made Dani promise at the comp that she would NOT put Jeff up. Will she take this opportunity to get rid of one of the terrible two? Jordan told Adam she knew that Brenchel sold them under the bus the other day, so….

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