You knew it would happen. It shows a degree of decency seldom seen in this Big Brother 2011 season.

Jordan apologized to Shelly for the things she said to her on Thursday night. Even though it was absolutely justified, Jordan took the high road. Exactly as we all knew she would. FLASHBACK 1:40am BBT

Even with all Shelly’s tears and false declarations of love, it was obvious that Jordan may forgive…But she will not forget.

I want to say one more thing about Shelly- and then I’m done with her. Shelly claimed to Jordan that she knew when she came into the house, she wouldn’t be able to win any comps cause of the “rods in her back.” I happen to have rods in my back, too.  I also know this.. Big Brother puts the HG’s through rigorous physical exams before they’ll allow them to enter the house. If Shelly  hadn’t passed them..She would not have been allowed into the house. (period)

All the HG’s think (and so do I, but not this week) that the Fortune Teller will play some role in the house. Shelly (oops, I said I wouldn’t mention her again-but this is part of the Fortune Teller twist, sorry) spent hours fiddling with her, and begging her for help. Now the Purple Room is locked. The DR told the HG’s that it was accidentally locked and they’d fix it during the next outdoor lock-down. Late last night FLASHBACK 2:46am BBT Porshe and Adam tried to jimmy the lock, but it didn’t work.  Be patient, though, cause I think Madame Fortune  WILL wake up. One of my Facebook buddies (thank you, Christine O. Eggleston!) shared this link about the Fortune Teller from BB-UK.

Now, let’s talk about Rachel. Even if you don’t like her, you have to admit that her behavior has taken a 180 since Brendon left (the second time). Jordan is an excellent influence on her, and as long as she’s part of team RoJo, I think she has a very, VERY good chance. She must, MUST stick with her RoJo alliance, however. If she starts being sneaky, it will backfire on her… As to the pregnancy rumors…. From what we’ve seen on the LIVE FEEDS— Rachel is really worried about it, and that’s all we know for sure.

Adam’s flipping out, worrying that Shelly will turn Jordan and Rachel. As you know, RoJo decides the vote this week. Only three HG’s vote, so as long as they vote together… It’ll be a done deal.

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