Jabs were thrown back and forth in the Big Brother 2011 House last night.

In the beginning of the evening, Brendon and Rachel were in Happy- Brenchel mode, vs Angry-Brenchel mode or Weepy-Brenchel mode, as they planned their stealth moves.  Brendon will use the POV on Rachel, they will wrangle the votes, and both of them will stay.

Rachel’s a bad actor. When she’s really sad, she cannot hide it, and when she is NOT worried…well, she can’t hide that either. She knows that Brendon is removing himself–not her–and it’s so obvious.

Rachel describes her convo with Dani to Brendon

There was a very awkward moment at the kitchen table, when Dani asked Rach if she was sad that she hadn’t had a question from Julie the last two weeks of Big Brother 13.  Rachel replied.. “well, I’ll get one this week, cause I’m going home.” *crickets*

After that, Rachel left the table and Dani followed her into the HN room to apologize. In fact, Dani apologized profusely, telling her it was only game play, while Rachel nodded and said nothing except- “Yeah, you’ve got an awesome game plan..hooking up with Kalia.”

Kalia is stuck onto Dani like a tick, and Lawon is the flea on the tick’s back. Dani and Kalia both called him out in the HOH room last night, telling him they don’t really know where he stands. He gave them his standard “with you, baby, all the way,” speech.

JeJo are worried, as well. They know that one of them will likely go up against the remaining Brenchel member. If that happens, expect Brenchel to go balls-to-the-wall against them. If Brendon pulls himself off, (highly unlikely), Dani may put up Porshe against Rachel. If Brendon stays on the block, expect to see Jordan, most likely, as a pawn.

Check out the LIVE FEEDS (and use the Flashback feature for 11:08pm BBT) or sign up HERE! The lies and the backstabbing will begin all over today, as Brenchel and Dani square off, with JeJo in the middle. PLUS–prepare yourself! We fully believe there will be a previous HG brought back into the game, and this is most likely the week that will happen!! Don’t miss it!

Keith, Cassi and Dom are in sequester. That can only mean one thing. that one of them + the next-evicted HG will have a chance to come back. The likely scenario is it will be some type of competition, with the HG’s voting in some way.. a la Season 9’s Crazy James return.

Sunday is typically a day of fun in the sun for the Big Brother 2011 players. I wouldn’t expect peace to reign, however, with Brendon and Rachel on the block..


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