The axe has fallen and Dani’s on the block.  Big Brother 2011 Hell didn’t crack open…..Yet..When the Feeds came back, post-Veto Ceremony, all we had was a weepy Dani and Kalia.  I do hope Dani’ll go out with a bang, though, and not a whimper.

It’s WAY more fun!!

But hey–don’t count her out, yet.  There’s no telling what she might do. She’s already told a couple of the HG’ s (arrogantly, I might add) that “Justin and Natalie”–meaning two of the people in production, will quit if she goes home..


If  you don’t have the LIVE FEEDS- this is THE best week to SIGN UP for your FREE 3-Day Trial. Dani will fight–you know this. She WILL not stop. It’s FAR from over, and things turn around quickly in the Big Brother 2011 House.




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