The Big Brother 2011 HG’s have picked the upcoming Veto players, and it’s not looking good for the nominated, Keith and Porshe.

UPDATE:Veto Comp going on!

Veto players are Brendon and Rachel-natch.
Keith and Porshe—also natch.
and……………… Jeff and Jordan.
Adam was selected to host.

Keith is pushing hard,hard,hard for votes. He is freaking out, about the fact that Porshe has talked to the Vets, and is mad at him for throwing her under the bus last night. And they’ve been sniping at each other all day.

The Vets are in a sticky situation, with the lower numbers- but they plan to try to pull a few of the Newbies to their side..

The Big Brother 2011 HG’s expect to play the POV tonight– we’ll keep a close watch on the LIVE FEEDS– and keep you updated when it happens!

**Still no news on the Dick situation- his picture is still in color. But that’s all we know. 

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