Game on! After a couple of days of confusion and drama, the Big Brother 2011 Game is on! Now we can settle back and watch the game find it’s natural rhythm.

Since the HOH question and the nominations are settled, the next question was.. who won Veto– answered last night–and what the Veto winner will do now?

Rachel, with Brendon’s help, won the POV last night. And now the Vets have to decide who is the best one of the two nominees to get rid of. Keith or Porshe…Porshe, apparently, is getting on everyone’s nerves. The Newbies don’t like her, and plan on voting to keep Keith. That could prove dangerous to the Vets, as Keith is a stronger competitor, and more well liked by the other group.

Brenchel, JeJo and Dani need to pull at least one vote to their side to control the vote. With the current 8-5 split, the Vets have no hope if they don’t win back to back HOHs. There are a few Newbies–

who seem to be drifting toward Vet side. But all of them have also told the other side they are loyal, so hard to tell.

The HG’s had a good time last night playing drinking games and got along pretty well, although you know Big Brother 2011 there is always scheming going on in the background.

you might notice--Dick's picture is now black and white

Stay tuned today- and if you haven’t signed up for the LIVE FEEDS— please keep us in mind.  There’s bound to be a LOT of backstabbing and scheming going on in the next few days, as the Newbies scramble, and you DON’T want to miss it!

They finally opened the Backyard– so the HG’s enjoyed the hot tub and a few smokes—

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