The Big Brother 2011 HG’s have picked who’ll play in the POV competition and the results aren’t good for the Newbies.

Jordan pulled Brendon and Rachel as the other duo– along with JeJo and Adam/Dom who will compete in POV. The Vets are thrilled–or at least Brenchel and Dani are acting thrilled…

The HG's knees got shredded in the Food Comp

In truth, Rachel and Dani wouldn’t mind too much if Dom’s wins–They hope, if that happens, they can talk Jordan into putting up Cassi in his place.  I doubt that would happen, even if Dom/Adam do win POV.  Jordan likes Cassi, and has cut a deal with her. Jeff/Jor didn’t put her up so if she wins HOH, she won’t put them up.

Brendon and Rachel were the last names that Dom and Adam wanted to see pulled out of that red velvet bag.  Even if they might want to see him win, it’s not in either of them to throw a comp. Now–his only chance is to win– With 5 to 1 odds, against a couple of the fiercest competitors in the Big Brother 2011 house.

Big Brother 2011 Week Two will start the real game.
If you want to see the drama unfold for yourself–give the LIVE FEEDS a shot— sign up HERE for your FREE trial. That’s right, folks.  I said FREE– After the  3 days, you’ll have the chance to sign up HERE- (For the 39.99 for all three months plus $10 of FREE MP3 downloads)  Things are only going to get better and better as the happy-go-lucky houseguests start learning that they’re not–in fact– at summer camp. They are playing a game with people who’d sooner stab them in the back than look at them.

STAY TUNED! The HG’s are waiting for the POV to start. As soon as it’s over, we’ll be here with the results!

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