The Big Brother 2011 Week 4 POV is done.

Brendon won, and I doubt it will be a big surprise what  he does. Unless he grows a brain between now and Monday, he’ll sacrifice himself for his lady love. He’ll use it on Rachel and Dani will use either Jeff or Jordan as a replacement nom.  Rachel could care less.. As long as it’s not her. She’s all smiles right now..

Seems like it was a combo-comp, comprised of various elements of the previous comps, a balance beam, milkwater, gumballs and counting letter tiles. Jeff came a close second, but it won’t help when it’s time for Big Brother 2011 Dani to make her picks.

Dani told Kalia she wants Brendon gone. So, she may use Jordan as a pawn..

Expect Rachel to turn on JeJo quickly this week..

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