The Big Brother 2011 Veto Ceremony is done and well… Brendon did not think with that big old noggin up top.


Of course he used it on Rachel. I believe the only reason she was being relatively tolerable the last few days is because she KNEW she was staying.. She doesn’t REALLY care if he stays or not now that she’s got her “girl” Porshe.. There was apparently a big to-do where he played the noble knight–sacrificing himself for his lady. But what he’s REALLY done- is lose the game for both of them. He had a MUCH better chance to keep going than she does… What a shame..

So now Dani–to keep JeJo in check–has nominated little Jordo as a pawn.  I expect Rachel to start playing dirty now, as she fights to keep her Brendon in the house.

Check out the LIVE FEEDS FLASHBACK–beginning at  11:45 BBT–to see how the battle between the couples starts for REAL..

Dani isn’t in a real good spot herself, now. Brenchel has sworn to come after her, and JeJo only gave her a week..

Meanwhile, if the Big Brother 2011 Newbies have the sense God gave a goose, they’ll sit back and let the Vets go picnicking on one another.. while they carry off the crumbs.


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