Last night’s Big Brother 2011 HOH comp was a bitter disappointment for most of the house, and a large F-you for a few.

Kalia’s (or you might as well say Dani’s–hey! how about Danlia for a nickname? Whatcha think??) win last night sent the remaining Vets and their allies into a tailspin. However, they’re not nearly as worried as they might be because of the new TWIST! This will not be a comfortable HOH for Danlia (see how it flows? lol) as the threat of the evictee returning looms over every decision.

Let’s talk about that twist. America’s voting. So you might as well count Keith and Brendon out. Keith was a non-entity and America does NOT like Brendon. So that leaves Cassi and Dom as the possible Big Brother 2011 evictee who will compete with this weeks loser. I’d bet my left pinkie toe that Cassi wins this popular vote.  She has a large fan base and was never afraid to speak her mind and go after people.. However, depending on the competition involved, I don’t know how good of a competitor she is.. That means–whoever is evicted this week is very likely to turn around and go right back in, reeking with vengeance.

The HG’s only know one part of the Big Brother Twist. And that will effect Danlia’s decision on whom to put up. Jeff and Rachel are the obvious targets, but they know if Jeff’s put out–and returns– Hell will rain down on those responsible.

So.. what to do?  What would YOU do?

Watch today’s LIVE FEEDS carefully– and if you haven’t got them yet.. SIGN UP HERE to see who Kalia nominates–and again the VETO comp tomorrow will be extremely important.

Stay tuned today– NOMINATIONS will happen today!! We’ll keep you updated on nominations and hang out with us on Facebook and Twitter as we follow all the ins and outs of last night’s HOH.


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