Well, that’s it. The fat lady has sung and the votes are done in the Big Brother 2011 America’s Vote.

According to all the polls, it’s far from certain who will return tonight to battle against either Rachel or (more likely) Lawon. Surprisingly, it looks like a photo finish between Cassi and Brendon, with Dominic a not-so-distant third..oh, and there’s some other guy–Keith, I think??–who’s become the Ralph Nader of the Big Brother 2011 America’s Vote. 

Daniele is freaking out about the Twist

Kalia is, too

Several of the HG’s–Shelly, Jeff and Dani–have guessed  (or come very close to guessing) the upcoming twist, and it’s put a well– twist– in their undies on whom to vote out tonight.  Dani, of course, is pooping bricks worrying that Brendon will strut back into the house and sweep his love off her feet in a big Brenchel Twirl.

It’s a likely possibility. I just hope it’s not a waste of America’s time. And that if we’ve voted him back in it’s not for a blind comp.. I keep telling you, if he can’t be sure it isn’t Rachel– he will not want to win.. AND if Bren does return, not totally sure that they will stay true to their JeJo alliance.  If not… well, we’ll see tonight, won’t we?

For all you LIVE FEED watchers–what did you think about the fact that CBS did not ONCE mention Shelly being behind the whole “operation save Rachel” master-plan?  That just goes to show, if you don’t have the LIVE FEEDS. You do NOT know what is really happening in the house.  It’s a perfect example of how CBS edits and skews the show to only what they WANT you to know. Only by watching the LIVE FEEDS will you truly know. That “Dis” on Shelly  just sucked!!

Shelly got no credit on CBS for all her hard work--shame!

No matter what tonight’s outcome is, prepare for it to be some of the best FEED watching of the year!! No Feeds yet??  I feel bad for you, cause the rest of us will get to watch the house implode after the results tonight! If you want to check it out for FREE!!!!! SIGN UP HERE! Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter for all the last-minute scrambling today.

Dan-lia plans to give Shelly and Adam hand signals during the live show on how they should vote. It’s laughable, since Dan/Kal think they control Ad/Shel’s game. While all along Shelly’s been playing the whole house like a fiddle.  Rachel, the frazzled, red-headed center of the storm has no idea what the hell’s going on, and has been relatively subdued, while JeJo babysits and, along with her other allies Shelly and Adam,  keep her information limited to a strict, need-to-know basis.

But expect her to go back into full-on Bookie-mode after the eviction tonight, if- by chance-Brendon walks back into that house…woooeeee..    And please, oh please.. I just hope the cameras are trained on Dani’s face..


We want to hear from you. Who will end up walking back into the Big Brother 2011 House?


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