Well, she did it.  (Actually, she only sorta-kinda did it, but still..) Big Brother 2011 HOH Kalia stood up on her own two feet and made a judgement call that wasn’t exactly what Daniele Donato wanted.

When Jeff, the POV winner(gotta give another yay on that), took himself down. Kalia replaced him with one of her own alliance, Lawon.

Now, it wasn’t exactly what Shelly planned either, since she and JeJo wanted Porshe out this week. But they’ll take it. As long as it wasn’t Adam or Shelly, they feel like they have the votes to keep Rachel in the house.

“Keep Rachel?”  You gasp, “But whhhyyyyy??”

I know, I know.. Quit whining. They have a valid reason..  You see, Rachel will remain a target. You need a big ole red-headed shield between you and your enemies.  She’s a risk, for sure. She’s beyond flaky. When JeJo and Shelly hinted at a plan being in motion to save her (since they can’t tell her outright, as she’s incapable of keeping her mouth shut) they asked her several times who’d she’d put up if she won HOH.  They told her that if something happened at the VETO ceremony to remember this…  “It may look like Kalia’s saving you. But it was actually your Mommie Dearest’s (Shelly’s) hard work.

We all know that Rachel’s one slice shy of a full loaf–so you have to keep reminding her of these things in Big Brother.  Cause the next thing you know (and mark this, my friends) Dani could crook her little finger, and Rachel might heel right back to her side. (Until Dani was through using her.) Without Brendon to restrain her, there’s no telling what Rachel might do…

Of course, the BIG question is this… Why in the ever lovin’ HADES would Lawon volunteer to go up?

Here’s MY answer.  Lawon WANTS to go to jury to lounge about, drinking and chilling.  I believe he knows he doesnt’ have a shot at the half-million, and would just as soon bow out gracefully.  I’d be willing to throw money on the fact that he gets beat in the upcoming secret competition– BUT — sadly, it will backfire on him, since this ain’t a jury week, so whoever goes on Thursday.. Really goes..

None of these deals are stable and it could all come crashing down at any moment.  And if you don’t have the feeds yet.. You cannot MEAN to miss the BIG TWIST week?? What will happen when a new HG comes back into the house??

We FEED WATCHERS will know.. Will you??  Sign up below!

Lawon told Porshe and Dani that he was going to act pissed to get info from the other group.  But L/P/D don’t know that Kalia already TOLD Shelly about  Lawon volunteering. Shelly asked him why he volunteered and he denied it.. But the house knows he did.. so he looks like a goober.. Poor guy..

All told. I’m proud of Kalia for not simply knuckling under to Dani’s wishes. Good job!

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