In this game we love, sometimes we have to suck it up, and take the good times with the bad. This Big Brother 2011 season is definitely no exception.  We tried.. We pushed for America to vote Cassi back because she was a neutral party, who would put an element of “What If” into the house.

Now.. What If’ has turned into Now What. Cause Brenchel went up to the HOH to Dani before noms and said what if the three of us teamed up, and worked to get all the newbies and Jeff and Jordan out of the house.  And the Now What?  Well, Dani took them up on the deal and Now Adam and Shelly are on the block and What will Jeff do if he doesn’t win POV?  He’ll go home.. That’s What..

Stay close to your feeds, things are gonna be nutso-crazy for the next few days.  Shelly’s house of cards is crumbling down and JeJo’s life is on the line.. If you don’t have the feeds, SIGN UP WITH US for the FREE 3-Day trial!! With no risk, you get to watch the fallout from the unbelievably important POV and all the backstabbing and scheming for yourself.

That’s right, my friends. Mr. Honor and Ms. Loyalty, aka Brenchel, sold their BFF’s down the river so far, not even Jacques Cousteau could find them. The lies flew so thick in that room, I can’t believe the fish didn’t jump out of the tank to go swimming around in them.

Again and again, POV is everything. So, depending on what happens tomorrow.. We may be seeing the beginning of the end of the Big Brother 2011 version of JeJo.. And Jeff saw it immediately. What I don’t get is how Dani could possibly believe that people that turned so very, very fast on their “alliance” would keep their word to her? Again… really reckless.

Adam agreed right before the noms to go up as a pawn. Outside at nearly the same moment, Shelly, Porshe and Kalia had a come-to-Jesus meeting. A while earlier, Shelly had gone up to HOH, and been confronted by Kalia for getting into her head and stirring it all around with her Shelly stick, causing Kalia to lose her mind and evict one of her own alliance. Shelly did her best Shelly-speak, and got herself out of the worst of it, but maybe not.. since she still ended up on the block.

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