Big Brother 2011 Veto Pics are done and apparently the Big Brother saints were watching, cause Brendon and Rachel were the only two people in the house who were NOT picked to play..

not a happy couple

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Brenchel are pouting, because they weren’t chosen. Brendon is calculating all the possible numerical formulas in which that could happen, while Rachel tells Brendon how mean Jeff was to her last week and how he made “inappropriate sexual comments” to her, which made her uncomfortable. uh..yeah, right.. Jeff wouldn’t touch her with a 50 ft. pole.

Last night saw a confrontation where Rachel went off on Shelly for “all her lies.” Even accusing Shelly of wanting Jordan out.. THAT is simply a bold-faced lie.Jordan called another mini-house meeting telling Brendon to call Porshe in there to defend her stories.  Later, Brendon asked Rachel if Shelly had really said that about Jordan, and Rachel told him no.. Brendon got upset with her for lying to him.. Shelly did do a lot of back and forth last week, and WHY?? Oh, it was to save Rachel’s butt, a mistake of which she is now deeply regretful. Porshe also got called into the mix, but since she strokes Rachel’s ego so much (to her face) Rachel defended her.

The injustice of it all blows my mind.  Shelly spent hours trying to talk Rachel off the ledge last week, while trying to save her.. (again, HUGE mistake) while Porshe dumps her like a bag of hot rocks and Rachel actually defends Porsche–who is a complete waste of space.

In the meantime, Jeff seriously needs to win this POV to keep himself totally safe.  THEN if Dani truly wants Brendon out, Dani’ll spill the beans to Jeff and Jordan on how their “buddies” Brenchel totally threw them not under a bus.. But a 1000 ton freight train…

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