The Week 9 Big Brother 2011 POV is done and it’s a HUGE shock!

ADAM was your winner!!


Looks like it was–of course–OTEV, and it involved finding and scraping out different kinds of pies, to read the names on the bottom. i.e. Red Velvet Rachel or Pumpkin Porshe.  Adam’s hoping BB will give them a pie tin.

Even before his shower, Kalia was already begging him to use it. Adam dashed her hopes pretty quick, though. When she said, “Remember, I’ve never lied to you in this game.” He stated, “well, what about the F2 deal you made with me, that everyone knew about.”  Then she said, “uhh…” Then he said, “Uh huh.” K: “But our newbie deal still holds, right?” A: “The deal where you voted me out?” K: “umm.” A: “I still have a few days, but…”

Apparently, Kalia and Porshe cried after the Veto, and Adam gave Jordan Farah’s necklace, promising her he would stick with them to the end.

Is it true? Is it not true?  Guess we’ll find out sooner rather than we think, with the possible re-vamping of the normal BB schedule.

In the meantime… Let’s all do the Cruddy Dance..and stay tuned  for an all-important post on F2 strategies.




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