The Big  Brother 2011 gang is back with the Veto results,

and it wasn’t a huge surprise. Rachel decided NOT to use the POV and kept the noms the same– Keith and Porshe


The Vets went back and forth. If they kept the noms the same.. There was not going to be a big shake-up. None of the Newbies had a huge investment in either Keith or Porshe.

Neither one is a threat– Keith has lost his mind. and Porshe never had one to begin with.. so it’s a win-win situation for Brenchel.

The Vets are beginning to cut some early deals. They offered a too-final-eight alliance to Shelly, who accepted immediately. (I think she’s still a little star-struck).  Cassi was a harder nut to crack. Although she agreed to the deal, she made it very clear that her loyalty will lie first with Shelly (as it should be) but she also gave the Vets nervous fits regarding her feelings for Dom.

Dom is definitely a threat to the Vets, but not nearly as much of a threat as he THINKS he is..  He told them he would not put them up if he won HOH, and he yes-sir’d them right and left. Then strutted back to his “groupies” bragging how scared they are of him… That little rooster thinks he’s king of the hen house. He’ll want to make power moves. That’s why the Vets considered pulling K/P and throwing Dom and Adam on the block, though ultimately they decided not to stir things up quite so early.

So now we get to watch a week of Keith’s paranoia and Porshe’s slinking between one HG and another telling her little tales. woohoo! 

Okay– now, I know you guys get sick of hearing me preach about the signing up for the Live Feeds— but seriously… if you’ve never experienced them– and you love Big Brother, you are truly missing out.   At least give them a try– It’s a FREE TRIAL!  How much better can you get than Free?? And if you’ve had them before, you already know..  They are the one and only way to play the game WITH the houseguests.

As yourself this… Do I want to be a fly on the Big Brother 2011 Wall???? Do I???

Oh–and btw– Daughter Dani’s looking MUCH better today.. 

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