OK- If you happened to be a fan of this site last year, you’ll know that we defended Rachel against the horrific mean-girl mentality of HG’s Britney, Monet and Regan. In this Big Brother 2011 season, we’ve poked some good-natured fun at the  “dynamic” Brenchel duo because…well, they made it so easy.

That is over. Yesterday’s pathetic day-long display from the couple ended any…ANY respect this site had for the two.

(BTW–There will be another post coming this am dealing with the upcoming HOH and the twist we expect tonight. The events of yesterday & last night were so insane,however, it all needed it’s own post.)

It started early in the am, when Brendon and Rachel bombarded Shelly with reasons why she (and Adam, as the two will vote together) should vote out Jordan over Brendon. Now, I understand they have to campaign.. That is expected. And mentioning that Jordan has already won is a valid campaign move. But the two quickly moved from honorable campaigning to bashing their “besties” in a way that made me..and Shelly..sick. They claimed that Jeff didn’t “really care THAT much about Jordan.” That he would pick the money over her, and if they kicked her out, Jeff would only be mad for an hour, then would come back to their alliance. They said that Jeff had already teamed up with Dani. They said that Jeff would turn on shelly. They said he already had. They EVEN told Shelly they’d had a “friend” look up the amount of money Jeff had made from his previous CBS ventures (Amazing Race and Around the World w/Jeff) and it was so low that he’d do anything to win.


I gotta tell you, I started getting extremely nervous, because they sounded so reasonable and their arguments compelling. The worst thing was.. So did Shelly. Later, Shelly asked Jordan flat out-“Are you guys teaming up with Daniele?” Jordan was stunned to learn the extent to which Brenchel stooped in their fight to stay. Jeff could have gone off on a bender when he confronted the two. Instead, he told them he’d heard they’d been talking crap about him and Jordan, but he was going to take it with a grain of salt. He told them not to ruin the repairs they’d made to their BB12 reputation by playing dirty now.. “Keep playing with class,” he told them.

They didn’t listen.

At around 3:42pm BBT on the LIVE FEED FLASHBACK- check it out. If you still don’t have the FEEDS– I don’t even know what to tell you. You are missing the REAL TRUE story of what’s going on. The edit CBS gives is so skewed, it has very little to do with what’s really, truly happening in the house. Sign up here- if you want to see the unbelievable insanity from today for yourself.

It went down like this—Dani gave a shout out to Shelly’s daughter on her HOH blog (out on CBS.com today.)  Dani mentioned it to Shelly in what I  believe was a simple, kind gesture. Shelly started crying because she’s missing her kid’s first day of third grade. Rachel saw that and decided that Dani was using Shelly’s emotions to curry favor and went OFF on Dani. I can’t even readily explain what happened next- except to say that after the rest of the house told Rachel she was wrong and they believed Dani did not have ulterior motives, Rachel lost her mind..

I can’t say it any clearer than that. It got to the point that Brendon wants her to leave with him today, and insisted that she talk to “Dr. Zachary” the Big Brother 2011 psychiatrist.

There will be another post coming later this am- about the upcoming HOH and the probability of an evicted HG returning tonight. But yesterday’s events deserved their own post.. WHEW!!


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