Hurry, Hurry, Hurry to your FEEDS!! The Big Brother 2011 HG’s are up and about, preparing for an early am VETO.

Last night the pre-war battle raged as the nominees, Jeff and Rachel scuffled against Dani’s minions. Kalia, who made a bonehead game move by putting up two strong players in a week when they HG’s have been TOLD the evicted HG may return, lost it after the nomination ceremony. At around 10:08pm BBT on FLASHBACK, Dani told her they’d “fix it” meaning they’d find a way to pull Jeff off the block and hopefully take the ginormous target off Kalia’s back.

I think it’s too little, too late for Big Jeff. Forgiveness is not an option…

Get ready folks, as the Big Brother 13 producers have thrown another kink at the HG’s and are preparing for an early veto for the Veto players– Jeff, Rachel, Kalia along with picked players, Jordan, Shelly and Adam–Porshe hosting.

Adam previously swore to Jeff that he’d “bust his ass” trying to win and would use it on Jeff. I don’t see that happening. I believe Adam will throw it, so he doesn’t have to stick his neck out.

Dani quietly slithered downstairs into the HN room, and threw her BFF Kalia under a VERY large bus, telling them she told Kalia NOT to put Jeff up..

Jeff upset Shelly when he questioned her about her performance in the Food Comp. But Shelly’s spent so much time running back and forth between the two sides, NO ONE knows where her true loyalites lie..

GO.. RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN to you FEEDS!!   Or if you don’t have them yet—The TIME IS NOW! SIGN UP!! Today is sure to be the most EXPLOSIVE VETO comp of the season!!

Jeff told Kalia last night.. “You think you’ve seen me play up to now?? You haven’t seen anything yet. And when I get off, or come back… I’m coming after you!”  STAY TUNED  —Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep up with the aftermath of this season’s most important Veto comp yet!!

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