We may all be questioning (still today) why the HouseGuests didn’t get rid of Aaryn Gries last week when they had the chance, but we have to move on from that and focus on the fact that she won Head of Household for Week 5 on Big Brother 2013 and we could all be in for some fun times ahead for this week. How will she handle her time as HoH? And will she do as she is told by Helen and Amanda? Let’s find out in my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and see who Aaryn put up for the Week 5 nominees on Big Brother 15!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Episode 14

Of course, my Big Brother 2013 spoilers keep you informed of everything that has gone on since the HoH was won by Aaryn, but I know there are people out that that just focus on the shows on CBS, so here is your chance to get caught up!

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Lots has gone down since that HoH competition and we always know that the butt-kissing and game talk works over time after the eviction show and until the HoH announces their nominees. We get to see that all tonight on CBS, so watch with me in my Live Recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap or see who got nominated for eviction by the HoH on Big Brother 15 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…I used to like Elissa, but she has been working my last nerve the past week or so…and Helen too! Aaryn thinks she has won over the majority of the house and Helen hopes she didn’t make a deal with the devil. Did she?

GinaMarie is feeling excited about Aaryn’s win in HoH and that is her partner in crime. Two days before eviction, Helen and Aaryn talked and Helen told her if she won HoH then Aaryn was to put up Howard and Spencer. Will she though?

Now the butt-kissing has begun, as Jessie starts playing nice, but Candice is paranoid she is going on the block with Elissa and Howard tells her to settle down. The day before, Jessie told Candice that Aaryn made a deal with Helen that she gets to pick her HoH nominees. Yup, no one in this house knows how to keep secrets!

Now on Big Brother 2013 and Spencer is talking to Aaryn about him going up and she said she is not sure. She said she wants to keep him safe, but she has no alliance and has to do what they tell her. She does know that she is HoH right?

Helen talks with Aaryn and Candice approached her before the live show last week that she knew about the deal with Amanda. They think Elissa told Candice and now Elissa may get the nomination on Big Brother 2013!

Funny moment: Aaryn comes out and asks who wants to see her HoH room and all the HGs are hiding. The clown is back on Big Brother 15!!! They go in and we are talking about “asked” and “axed” again and Aaryn has no clue!

Now Helen meets with Amanda, McCrae and Judd and she is pissed still that Elissa told Candice about the deal, even though it was Jessie. They want to keep Elissa out of the loop and she must go, but when?!?!

Bubble bath time for Amanda and McCrae and they say “I love you” to each other and him meeting her parents. Did that just happen?

Spencer comes up to the HoH room and wants to keep himself off the block, so he is trying to defend himself. He thinks it is time for a power shift on Big Brother 2013 and he is right. She follows along with Helen and then next week she will be gone! He is making valid points and if she was smart she would listen.

Now Howard knows he has a target on his back, so he pulls Aaryn aside and talks about Helen and Candice talking and Aaryn said she made a deal with the house to stay. He said she needs to make a bold move and this could be a power move. She said she is not going to let anyone else control what she is going to do, but I think she is wrong!

The sirens are going off in the Big Brother 15 house and the HGs get a special message from Poppy Montgomery. It is time for the Have, Have-Not Competition. They randomly picked teams and have two parts. They will have to stack “evidence” on a table and the first team that gets it stacked first gets an advantage in Round 2.

Orange Team decides to run in and get all the items first. Purple Team is stacking as they go and the Green Team is too. Orange is done first and then Green Team is second. For the second part, they have to re-stack the evidence on the shelves and they must put them back in their original position!!! Last team to do it will be the Have-Nots!

For the Orange Team, their advantage was they got a picture with nine of the items in the right place. It took them two times, but they got it right and Andy, McCrae, Elissa and Aaryn are Haves. Green Team is second, so Spencer, Howard, Helen and Jessie are Haves. That means that GinaMarie, Candice, Judd and Amanda are Have-Nots.

Poor Elissa is struggling to find places to do her calm yoga, so she does them wherever she can and they all seem annoyed. Who can do yoga that much?

Candice and Howard are talking and she is wanting to talk to Aaryn, but doesn’t want to start a fire. She thinks it is time to make a power move and put up Amanda and McCrae. He tells her to go get her bed! She goes up and talks to Aaryn and Aaryn wants to keep Howard safe, but the house wants him gone and she has to keep people happy. She thinks it is time for a power move, but Aaryn said she has a Candice switch and she shuts it off when she talks and doesn’t even listen. Candice is so right, but Aaryn is stupid!

Now Candice is upset and is thinking Howard played her and she is over it all and she is not saying anything to anyone and just ruined her chances on Big Brother 2013 and probably put a target on her back and will be on the block this week.

Jessie, GinaMarie and Aaryn talk in HoH room and she is thinking things over. If she doesn’t do what the house wants, then she is up next week. She thinks Howard and Spencer don’t have her on their hit list, but Elissa does. She so needs to go big, but won’t!

Aaryn gets the keys in order and it is time for the Nomination Ceremony for Week 5 on Big Brother 2013: GinaMarie is safe. Jessie is safe. Andy is safe. Elissa is safe (and shocked). Candice is safe. Helen is safe. McCrae is safe. Amanda is safe. Judd is safe. That means that Howard and Spencer are the nominees this week by Aaryn. She said it is nothing personal, but what is best for her game.

What do you think of her decision tonight on Big Brother 2013?

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