Gather your friends and your families because it is Sunday night in the summer and that means one thing: Big Brother 2013 is on and time for us to see how CBS edited down all the happenings in the Big Brother 15 house into one hour long episode! Seeing and hearing of all the shenanigans going on in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers make us think we are in for an interesting season with some not-so-great houseguests. See it all go down tonight in our Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and see who was put up for eviction on Big Brother 15 tonight with us!


One thing is for certain with this season of Big Brother 2013: the fans don’t seem to be happy! Whether it is complaining about Big Brother After Dark switching channels and being censored now or the Live Feeds not working to their standards or how they either love or hate Elissa Slater and her sister (I won’t mention her name because people might yell at me if I do). This is the type of stuff CBS lives for though, so get used to it!

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Tonight on Big Brother 2013 we get to see the official announcement of nominees for Week 1 and we will have the Have-Nots competition and, of course, see the showmances and drama happening as we speak in the Big Brother 15 house, so follow along with our Live Recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…now we look back at the premiere and let’s get this started tonight! The HGS are discussing the MVP twist and Aaryn loves the idea of it because she is confident she will win it more than once. Jeremy thinks the girls will win every week, so he is going to have a cuddle session with each of them!

The single girls (Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jessie) have a talk about their guys and give them nicknames: Nick = Big, Jeremy = The Sailor and David = Ken.

Now they get to check out the HoH room and people are jealous already, but will it come to hurt McCrae? Now they all are talking about Rachel Reilly and Elissa is having to bite her tongue! How annoying are her buggy eyes?

Now Nick and Jeremy are “playing hacky-sack” and want to figure out who they can align with. Nick suggest Spencer and Howard because they are strong and have been close, but then throw McCrae into the bunch. Now Nick is going to work the alliances, as he sits down with Spencer to discuss them and he joins in, as does Howard and now time to talk with McCrae. Will he be down?

Nick meets with McCrae on Big Brother 2013 and he seems to be down with it and then all five guys of meet and they talk about who to put up for nomination and it could be two girls or a girl and David, but McCrae feels he is in the drivers seat and he is loving it! The new five-man alliance: The Moving Company….ugh!

Pool Time and we get to see the start of Aaryn controlling David and they can be a power couple. David is an airhead and he came in for more of a showmance then the money on Big Brother 2013. Who needs $500,000 right?

Jessie and Amanda are talking and Jessie is torn between Nick and Jeremy and doesn’t know who to go for and Amanda is totally making fun of her! I am liking Amanda, but I’ll give her some time. Amanda tells Jessie to sleep with McCrae…foreshadowing much?

Now all the HGs are discussing Elissa and how she is Rachel’s sister. Aaryn thinks it is a slap in the face and how she thought they couldn’t figure it out and what else is Elissa hiding. How much do I not enjoy Aaryn? A lot right now!

Time for the Have and Have-Not Competition on Big Brother 2013 and McCrae calls them all together while wearing a safari leader costume! They are divided into three teams of and must get in a floatie and go across Lake Big Brother and then jump in the cooler and grab a pop can. Then float back and start stacking the pop cans. The last team to create a pyramid of 15 are the Have-Nots.

Howard gets things started super slow for the Red Team. How can he be this bad at paddling? Judd continues the bad streak for Red Team….it doesn’t look that hard. The teams will have to hold the board with the pop cans and if they fall then they must start completely over! Red Team fails and the cans fall, so they have to start over.

Blue Team completes it first, so they are Haves this week. David goes into “Greek God” mode for the Yellow Team. Anyone else annoyed by him? The Yellow Team then drops their cans, so they have to restart. Elissa is shaking on the Red Team and that could hurt their grip on the board! Kaitlin almost screws it up for the Yellow Team, as she drops the last can. but goes back and gets a new one and completes it before the Red Team, which are Have-Nots this week! Red Team: Andy, Helen, Elissa, Judd and Howard.

The Have-Not Room: an airplane pretty much!!! No beds and all airport seats. How uncomfortable would that be? Eating slop, cold showers and no beds, huh? Now we have some houseguests talking after the competition and it seems Candice sucked and needs to go and Judd paddled bad! McCrae is not feeling ready to name his nominations.

Now America can vote on what the Have-Nots will be eating next week on Big Brother 2013: bologna and blue cheese, oysters and okra or liver and lima beans! What do you want to feed them?

Amanda is now working it with McCrae and I think she is playing this game, huh? She said to go for people that don’t have many connections, so not many people like Jessie and she needs to go. I guess Jessie has a better butt than Amanda, so she wants her gone!

Elissa heads to the HoH room and admits to McCrae that she is Rachel’s sister and he doesn’t know how to take this: as a BB super fan he is so excited and as a player in the game now then he might need to put her up because people don’t like her.

Then Jessie, David and Aaryn talk with McCrae and they want him to put up Elissa, Helen or Candice. Aaryn is convinced that Elissa is Rachel’s sister (duh) and she must go. It all lies in the hands of McCrae though!

Now on Big Brother 15, Nick pulls McCrae aside and tells him it should be two girls nominated and maybe Elissa since she has Rachel blood, but as long as it is two girls he doesn’t care.

Nomination Ceremony: McCrae starts it out and the HouseGuests safe tonight are Nick, Jeremy, David, Aaryn, Kaitlin, GinaMarie, Elissa (Aaryn does not look happy), Helen, Amanda, Andy, Howard, Spencer and Judd. That means that Candice and Jessie are up for eviction this week on Big Brother 2013.

McCrae said Candice is strong and kick some butt in the Power of Veto Ceremony and Jessie has good social skills, so she is a threat in the game. Elissa has that damn voice and I want to smack her. I’m trying to like her folks!!! McCrae nominated people not liked in the house, so the blood is on the MVP’s hands!

We find out who won the MVP on Big Brother 15 for Week 1 and see the PoV competition! Things are heating up, huh?

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