The Big Brother 2013 cast has been up to some INTERESTING things this past week and over the weekend, so I am intrigued to see what CBS shows and what CBS doesn’t show tonight on Big Brother 15! One thing is certain: we will see who won MVP on Big Brother 2013 tonight for Week 1 and we will see the Power of Veto competition and ceremony! These are all huge steps to getting to eviction night tomorrow on Big Brother 2013! Come watch with me tonight during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and see who won MVP on Big Brother 15 tonight with me!


From racist comments to homophobic slurs, these houseguests are in rare form this season, but the big question of the night: does CBS show any of it? With America voting for the MVP each week, some people might not see or hear what happens on the Live Feeds, so I think showing it during these episodes is crucial. We all used to think that Aaryn was such a nice, sweet girl didn’t we???

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The showmances will begin tonight, along with the backstabbing! This season is more Real World on MTV meets Big Brother, but they put a majority of young, single people in the house…what did CBS expect to happen? My Live Recap starts soon, so follow along below!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…we look at everyone trying to get McCrae to nominate a certain person. Lots happening tonight, so buckle your seatbelts because it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Candice said that she is not going to go in the corner and cry since she is nominated, but she is going to compete. I believe her. Jessie was shocked, since she just told McCrae to nominate Elissa, who happens to think that she is going to win now because she didn’t get nominated during Week 1. Nick is happy that no one in The Moving Company is on the block this week.

Now time for McCrae to explain himself to Candice, who is pissed. Do you think she could take him? I think so!!!

Now everyone in the house thinks that Elissa will be MVP and Aaryn hates Elissa and hates that she will probably get MVP. Jeremy is pissed about Elissa too. Why does everyone think that Elissa needs to tell them that Rachel is her sister???

We now find out that Elissa did definitely win Big Brother MVP for Week 1! I don’t mind her right now and feel bad everyone hates her based on her sister, but she had to now this was coming. She tells McCrae she won and says she won’t be telling anyone. She considers him an ally, but is that a bad choice?

He tells her to go David, but she is torn between Nick and David. McCrae is trying to keep his Moving Company Alliance in check and said he may put Elissa up if he wins Veto and she is not game with that! Get it Elissa!!!

David is 25 years old, lives with his parents and is a lifeguard for some of the year and collects unemployment the other part of the year. Aaryn tells him to be a model and they both need to be slapped!

Time to pick players for Power of Veto Competition, but before that we find out who the third nominee on Big Brother 2013 is and it is David! He is pissed and Aaryn looks even more mad…love it!!!

Playing in the Veto Competition: Candice, Jessie and David (nominees), McCrae (HoH) and Elissa and Howard names were drawn.

David and Aaryn talk and they are surprised and he feels like everyone is against him in the Big Brother 2013 house. Now we get sad tears from Aaryn because David doesn’t trust her. Anyone care? They talk and to sum it up: David is dumb and Aaryn is controlling.

Now Elissa denies getting MVP and then lies to Jeremy about telling him about her “model sister” and he is not happy. Bad move on her part?

McCrae and Amanda talking in HoH room and she told him not to win Veto because that shows he has too much power. He tells her Elissa is MVP to see if he can trust her. Elissa comes up and is pissed McCrae told Amanda. Now Amanda brings up the gang so Elissa can’t get in McCrae’s head and Jeremy confronts Elissa and is just an ass! Can he go back to his boat please? McCrae looks nervous the whole time. Can he survive on Big Brother 2013?

Time for the PoV Competition: they will crawl through honey and over the rolling pin to get to the blueberries and grab a letter. Come back and spell the longest word in 15 minutes and win Veto.

If you cared: Candice just got a wax everywhere on her body because of the honey! McCrae said he is trying hard and looking like he is not throwing it. David is an idiot and can’t talk, so can he even spell? Elissa seems to be kicking butt in this. David is trying to spell “competition” and he is the only one left and doesn’t complete a word as time runs out.

Howard spells sailing. Jessie spells tumbled, but Howard locked in first and he is in the lead. Candice spells rafts and she is out. David spelt nothing and is out. Elissa spells “potroasts,” which happens to be two words and she had to spell one word and Howard is still in the elad. McCrae spells delivery and he wins PoV. even though he never even tried! He feels like the stupidest smart man in the house.

Helen (she has never been shown) is talking with Elissa and she is upset about pot roasts and feels she is getting backdoored now. Elissa is having a meltdown and Helen is being cool with it…I like Helen on Big Brother 15.

Elissa now tries to work it with McCrae and not put her up on the block since she will probably go home, but he has the whole house telling him differently. Now Nick comes to the HoH room and tells McCrae not to use it and not stir up the house and get rid of David because he is a threat, since he is not in Moving Company.

Time for the Power of Veto Ceremony and no one knows what is going to happen. He said she creates a lot of waves in the house and it would be better if she went home this week. Do you agree? I think the others cause more waves and they are just afraid of Elissa. Aaryn feels good because Elissa will be going home, but think again girl!

Thoughts on tonight’s episode?

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