As interesting of a week we have had in the Big Brother 2013 house, tonight won’t even get into half the good stuff because most of the good things happened after the Veto Meeting, which is how tonight’s new episode of Big Brother 15 on CBS will end. My Big Brother 2013 spoilers have given you recaps for the past two days on the live feeds and they have been interesting, to say the least. Let’s watch together tonight and see what has led us up to that point during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and see who are the final nominees for Week 10 on Big Brother 15!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Episode 30

What will CBS show us tonight in the Diary Room sessions? I am more excited to see what CBS shows us tomorrow night. Elissa seems to have gone crazy this week, but I am wondering if it is all a stunt. How could she go to hating her to now working with her?

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Remember though, this is a double eviction week and we will only see a brief look into this week because we have way too much to get through tomorrow night. That is tomorrow though and tonight we get to see the Power of Veto competition and the Veto Meeting all leading to us knowing the final nominees for Week 10. Follow along in my Live Recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap? Then don’t read ahead!


We kick things off with the end of the Nomination Ceremony and Amanda is blindsided by the nominations (she is that dumb) and McCrae thinks they were too big of a target (you think). They share some tears and we all know they won’t back down that easily. Elissa is just excited to see one of them go home and McCranda think it is Spencer behind the nominations. They always think it is the wrong person and surprised they don’t say Judd!

Let the warpath of Amanda begin on Big Brother 2013, as she first confronts Spencer and Andy about things and Spencer denies it all. Not satisfied, she then heads up to the HoH room and talks to GM about the nominations. How Amanda cannot see that this was a good move is beyond me. She keeps telling her it doesn’t make sense and Elissa put up Nick. GM says that they used Aaryn and then sent her packing, so it makes sense and a good game move. Amanda brings on the tears and doesn’t want to be in the house any more. None of us want you here either!

Now back to McCranda and they share some tears and she tells him not to trust Judd or Spencer and he agrees. In her Diary Room confession, she says what they have is real and she loves him. Yeah, that should last how long after Big Brother 15 ends?

We get to see some moves from Elissa, as she listens to Andy and Amanda talk in the Storage Room. Elissa thinks that Andy is more loyal to Amanda (well duh, he voted against Helen and you knew it back then). Spencer sees Elissa listening in and runs to tell Amanda!

Time to pick the Veto Competition players: GM, Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, Spencer and Andy are playing init. We also find out that Judd and Spencer can now remove the chicken suits. That was a quick 48 hours, huh? Yeah, they cut it short for some reason!

Both Spencer and Andy were scared to play in the Veto comp and how McCranda would expect them to use it on them. Now they are both playing in it and assuring Amanda they will fight for it for them. Elissa knows Andy is working both sides of the house now….duh!

Veto Competition time and they will be playing Spin Bowling tonight on Big Brother 2013. How it works: they get to challenge each other and each have to spin 15 times and then try and knock down bowling pins. The HGs want Amanda gone and keep challenging her, which McCrae thinks is cruel. Cruel or smart?

It doesn’t work though, as Amanda is determined and wins the first three matches! It ends up being McCranda in the finals (shocker) and one of them will win veto and be able to take themselves off the block again. Can Amanda do it two weeks in a row???

Lots of throwing up on this PoV tonight, as Amanda is doing it and McCrae is doing it, but that is after he wins the Power of Veto! Will he save himself or does he use it on his queen? Amanda knows her time is coming to an end, but we know she won’t go down without a fight, right?

Nomination Ceremony time and in no big shocker, McCrae removes himself from the block. This leaves GinaMarie to put up a replacement and it goes to Spencer, since he agreed to go up knowing he is a pawn yet again! That leaves the final nominees for Week 10 of Amanda and Spencer and Amanda as the target right now.

What do you think of the nominees?

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