It is reflection time on Big Brother 2013, as the Final 3 on Big Brother 15 take some time to look back at the season and we see some never-seen-before footage of some of the blowups and stupid moments from this season’s HouseGuests. The highlight of tonight: Part 1 of the final Head of Household competition getting started. It is the final competition of the season and takes three days to complete it! The end winner gets to choose who goes to the Final 2 with them on Big Brother 2013 spoilers. Come watch it with me tonight during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and see who won Part 1!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Episode 35

We saw the second half of McCranda walk through those doors last time on Big Brother 15, as the final three Exterminators voted to evict McCrae and keep their alliance going strong. Now they have to turn on each other, as only Exterminators are left and one of them will walk away $500,000 richer!

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You can catch up on all the happenings since the live eviction show over in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers, including the results of both Part 1 and Part 2 of the three-part final HoH competition. Follow along with my Live Recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap or see who got nominated for eviction by the HoH on Big Brother 15 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


Delayed yet again, but football did it this time. We will start at 8:50/7:50c tonight and as far as I can tell, Dr. Will Kirby comes on Wednesday night and not tonight….I was confused!

Here we go…Andy is worried about jury members comparing notes and outing him for backstabbing everyone. What the hell is Andy wearing and why did I not notice this before?

Now they are going back and showing us the talk between The Exterminators and McCrae. Why you doing this CBS? You already showed us this! McCrae said he knew he shouldn’t have trusted Andy and his words may come back to hurt him!

Even though Part 1 of the final HoH competition happened before this brunch, CBS is showing us this first. Again, why CBS?

Let the reflecting begin, as we start with previous alliances. We start with The Moving Company and did anyone else hate that they included Jeremy in the alliance?

Now the Wine Incident and Jeremy’s reaction of drinking the wine before the Have-Nots could get it. This was also the time that everyone hated Aaryn and then we forgot about her as the season went on. Jeremy could have went far in this game if he would have played a lot smarter. And this was when I actually liked Amanda. How things changed on Big Brother 2013, huh?

Things switch to Elissa and the HGs figuring out that she was Rachel Reilly’s sister. I still get so angry that Aaryn was ticked that Elissa kept it hidden. Why did she have to come out and tell everyone?

Now the hookups: Jeremy and Kaitlin, David and Aaryn and McCranda. No one expected McCranda to happen, right? And that is actually lasted the whole season. It is so crazy to see all these HGs again. I have forgotten about them! They show the McCranda wedding and McCrae was super nervous! He wanted out then!!!

They say Judd was the player of the Big Brother 2013 house and GinaMarie asks if that’s where he got the nickname Judd the Stud and it rhymes. This girl sometimes! Now we switch to GM and her man Nick. She went crazy when they voted him out, but she did apologize to Andy and Nick for the way she acted. She was shocked.

Back to when Candice popped off on Spencer. She calls a house meeting to call out Spencer in front of everyone. The meeting did nothing but put a nail is her coffin. Then Amanda torturing Elissa and Andy said it was her actually trying to save Andy, but he hated how she went about it. GM said it was bullying and so wrong.

The Diary Room confessions are the best time on the CBS shows, so now we get to see all the emotions come out of the HGs during their time in their. This montage is funny! Props to CBS on this DR video. Hopefully CBS posts that video and I’ll show you. Did you enjoy it?

They never showed the huge fight between GM and Amanda the night before her eviction. This got really ugly and I doubt they will show the terrible parts. It went on forever and McCrae sat there and said nothing. They did not show that Amanda said little things all day to get GM to pop off like she did and then Amanda plays the victim. They were both giving out low blows, but I love that GM stood up to her. Now Amanda goes off on McCrae for not standing up for her and he said it is a game! He is so right and she played with her emotions on Big Brother 2013, which screwed her over.

Keeping it exciting, CBS now shows us a clip of Andy trying to catch a moth and he falls in the pool! Then they do one last extermination and Andy looks special while doing it!

Time for Part 1 of the final HoH Competition: they are on roller skates and holding a rope. They will be spun around and last one standing wins this round. They get started and Andy and Spencer are struggling and GM is staying strong. That is all we get to see!

However, want to find out the results? Click here for Part 1 results and click her for Part 2 results!!!

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