The last episode of Big Brother 2013 left us all wondering who won Head of Household on Big Brother 15 for Week 2 and tonight CBS will give us all the answers….or all the answers they think we are deserving enough to see. Rumors all point at the winners cheating during the HoH competition, but will CBS mention that tonight? Doubtful! Find out with me during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and see who won and who was nominated for Week 2 with me!


If CBS does not address any rumors of the winning team cheating then they might lose some viewers tonight. The ratings are already down, so I don’t think avoiding the racist comments followed by avoiding the cheating scandal will help them out. You never know though!

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It should be interesting though, because this Big Brother 2013 cast is causing some major buzz around the country and news stations are covering it like never before. Cast members are being fired and our Big Brother 2013 spoilers have been working overtime with all the stupid antics these people are pulling. Watch even more tonight with me during my Live Recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap or see who won Head of Household on Big Brother 15 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


The teams are competing in the HoH Competition and Elissa knows she needs to win because Jeremy and Aaryn are gunning for her, but then Aaryn is gung-ho about getting Elissa out. We then flashback to the eviction and Ginamarie is upset and shocked at David going home and Nick is trying to act surprised with her.

Back to the competition and while everyone is falling and slipping, as Amanda decides to crawl on all fours and slide on her butt. She is grunting away and McCrae is having a moment. Then Judd and Nick get the small jug filled and they get the bigger scoops. This catches them up big time, but they are all close with Jeremy and Aaryn and Andy and Elissa.

Jeremy and Andy are both trying to reach in and grab the ball, but it is Jeremy that grabs the ball first and his ego just got even bigger. Elissa knows she is screwed, but not many people are happy about this one! They go and discuss it and Aaryn is HoH for Week 2.

Then Aaryn asks who voted for David, as she names the Have-Nots for the week. No one says it was them, so she names Elissa, Andy, Helen and Candice as Have-Nots. Give it to them two weeks in a row? Elissa calls her out for putting Helen there, but no reaction on Aaryn’s part.

Then Aaryn is trying to figure out who voted for David and she is not happy! Spencer is acting like he didn’t vote for him, but he is one shady guy! Andy then talks with Aaryn and said he hated voting for David and didn’t feel safe otherwise….all lies.

Time to see Aaryn’s HoH Room and she talks about her and David like they were lovers forever. Helen and Elissa are not happy to be in her HoH room at all. Would you be?

Now the new HoH Crew (Jeremy, Kaitlin, Ginamarie, Aaryn and Jessie) are discussing who to put up for nomination and they are talking about Elissa up against Helen. She calls out Nick and knows that someone in the house orchestrated the whole thing against David and if it is him then she will cut off his junk in the middle of the night! They are all upset about people lying in the house. Have they never watched Big Brother 2013 before?

The Have-Nots find out that America voted for their menu and they will be having liver and lima beans.

Well, CBS is shocking me and they are SHOWING the racist and homophobic comments from Aaryn. The other girls sit there and laugh. Howard is getting upset, but he is trying to not lose his temper. The others can’t believe she would make these statements and doesn’t she realize she is on TV. Can you believe they put the montage together and aired it? I am beyond happy and the true side of Aaryn just came out on Big Brother 15!

Helen and Candice are talking and they are figuring out the votes and are thinking the guys might have an alliance together. These girls are working it out….get it girls!

Now Jessie is upset because everyone has had a lover in the house but her and now she is determined to get Nick to like her. I guess following him around the house and being his shadow will get him to like her???

Helen than talks to Aaryn and admits to evicting David, but she thinks they could work together and could make it far in the game. Don’t align with Aaryn!!! But she is trying to play the game and thinks she is a target this week.

Jeremy, Spencer and Nick are talking and Jeremy said Elissa needs to go. Spencer said Amanda has to go and he thinks it should be Amanda against Elissa. Now it looks like Amanda might be on the chopping block, but when did Spencer get so much power?

Jeremy then talks to Aaryn and said Amanda was the mastermind behind David’s eviction. She wants to talk to Amanda about it, but Jeremy said she didn’t talk to them about David. He wants Amanda and Elissa on the block. Why do people listen to Jeremy?

Time for Aaryn to make her two nominees and it is the Nomination Ceremony. Safe this week: Jeremy, Kaitlin, Andy, Nick, Judd, McCrae, Ginamarie, Spencer, Jessie, Amanda, Howard and Candice. That means the HoH nominees this week are Elissa and Helen. Anyone else want to slap Aaryn as she talks?

Aaryn nominated Helen because she is best friends with Elissa and since she sent home her best friend (David) last week, then it was time to give Elissa a taste of her own medicine.

That’s it for tonight and it makes me laugh at how much Jeremy thinks he is in control. Can he go home already???

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