This is it everyone…the Big Brother 2013 premiere is upon us and it is time to meet the Big Brother 2013 cast and find out what twists Big Brother host Julie Chen has up her sleeve for Big Brother 15! Even though CBS is giving us Big Brother earlier this summer, it still feels like a long wait, right? Watch along with us tonight during our Big Brother 2013 Live Recap and watch as the cast and twists for Big Brother 15 are revealed!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Premiere 4

One thing is certain: CBS has hyped up this season big time and it looks rightfully so. The cast of 16 is all new, even though Elissa Slater is the sister of Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly, she is still new to the game. I’m going to try and not hold her family ties against her, but we shall see how she acts in the Big Brother 2013 house first!

The Live Feeds start right after the BB15 premiere, so get yours now!!!

We are a half hour away from the Big Brother 2013 premiere and we can taste. Comments are always welcome, as this is a friendly place and we want to enjoy the show together, right? Let’s do this!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2013 Live Recap? Then don’t read ahead!


Here we go…there is Julie Chen and we are loving her dress! Twists are coming later on, but time to meet the houseguests. Aaryn thinks she can hang. Nick thinks he is Superman. Helen has worked on many political campaigns and thinks Big Brother 2013 will be no different. I am thinking Helen might be a strong contender, right? David said he loves the ladies, but I think he is more in love with himself. Elissa is going to keep the fact that her sister is Rachel Reilly for as long as possible. Do you think she can? Andy says he is a liar! McCrae wants to be the best delivery guy out there! GinaMarie coordinates pageants and I want to slap her right now! Jessie is a leader and wants to be better than anyone else and girls are always jealous of her….ugh.

Well, there is Amanda and her big knockers! And we have the Southern charm of Judd? Or he will be the partier of the group! Elissa has a vision board of all the past season winners and she is in the place of the Big Brother 15 winner. Is she right? Howard is bringing his bible and not going to deviate from God. Nick is going to be screwed with the blondes in the house….maybe literally???

The Houseguests have arrived in the studio and Julie Chen just announced they would be going through the doors for 90 days! What happened to the 100 days of summer theme?

Time to go in the house and the first four are Candice, GinaMarie, Andy and Judd! Let the screaming commence! Andy is a Big Brother superfan, but aren’t we all? Elissa, Jeremy, Kaitlin and McCrae are the next group. Jeremy has a little too much energy for me. McCrae is a little overwhelmed and feels he doesn’t sound or look like these people and the social game is crucial for him.

Next group in: Helen, Howard, Nick and Jessie. Howard is loving the beautiful women around him on Big Brother 2013. What happened to God? Elissa wants to form an all-girl alliance in the house. Will she be successful? Kaitlin knows the drama is around the corner and she is right!

The final group is Spencer, Aaryn, Amanda and David. All the beds are taken, since they are the last group entering the house. David doesn’t know whether to go guys or girls. Everyone is nice for now, but when do the claws come out?

Time for the houseguests to meet each other and introduction time. GinaMarie shows off her boobs and is quite vocal! Judd was worried about being the stupidest in the house, but David might beat him at that. Jeremy looks like Taylor Lautner? Doubtful! Helen said she is the mother of the house, but she doesn’t cook or clean. Kaitlin is hoping for a gaymance with Andy! I may be a fan of Kaitlin right now….anyone else?

Well, McCrae is not gay, but he would tear Howard apart….we might agree! No one believes that McCrae is a pizza boy. Judd thinks Elissa looks familiar, but not sure how….maybe Season 13 winner???

Let the games begin and alliances forming, as Spencer, Howard and Jeremy form an early guy alliance and they all want to trust each other. Jessie than wants an athletic alliance with Jeremy and David, but Jeremy is making it known to be a secret. McCrae walks in and AWKWARD! Anyone else annoyed by Jessie?

Here we go with some twists on Big Brother 2013, as Julie calls the houseguests together. First twist: three nominees each week! The HoH will still nominate two players each week, but we will find out later how the third nominee is nominated. Just tell us Julie!!! The houseguests are freaking out!!!

Our favorites right now: Kaitlin and McCrae. What do you all think?

Here we go with the first HoH competition of Big Brother 2013 and it is called Popsicle Factory. They will grab onto these “popsicles” and will be raised up and moving around in a circle. Last one holding on is the first HoH. First one down: Judd, but he didn’t want the first HoH….yeah right! Second one: Howard because he didn’t want to seem like a threat. Candice is down next, but then we get some water shooting out the tongue to make it sticky! Jessie then starts humping the popsicle!

Amanda and Preston are out and David hates the competition hurting his hair. They then get shot with flavoring and cold air, but then Elissa and GinaMarie are down! Andy is down and we are down to six people left. Judd did notice that Elissa is Rachel’s sister, so will it hurt her since she fell?

The five left: Aaryn, David, Jeremy, McCrae and Nick. Who is going to win HoH on Big Brother? I thought a girl would win this, since they are lighter and the guys might struggle to hold up their bodies. After 3 hours and 2 minutes, Aaryn falls off and a battle of the guys! David is doing some major shaking, but he is holding on. Julie Chen gives two of them an option to fall: drop and there are two lunch boxes in the house. One contains a pass for no have-nots for the entire summer, but they don’t know which one it is in!

David drops first and he gets an empty lunchbox, so then Jeremy falls and he gets the never not-have pass! It is now McCrae and Nick and Nick drops, as long as he is safe. McCrae tells him anything he wants to hear and Nick drops! McCrae is the first Head of Household for Big Brother 15, but will this hurt him now with three nominees?

Back to Julie Chen and time to find out the twist and who will nominate the third on Big Brother 2013! The houseguests gather and the third nomination will be made by the Big Brother MVP! They will be told in secret of their MVP status and can vote in secret, so no one will know who is MVP and no one will know who nominated them! The MVP will be told of the results right before the Veto competition!

Now McCrae is not sure how to vote, but the Houseguest are discussing and wonder if the MVP is the HoH?!?! That is crazy because all three votes would be from them! What do you think of the twist and when they will nominate?

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