Many people have asked and many people have commented saying they hope this is the last season or this could be the last season of Big Brother 2013 because of the way these HouseGuests have acted. Well, I kept saying it: the Big Brother 15 ratings have been steady and good for Summer 2013, so that could only mean CBS will be bringing it back for Season 16. Yup, I was right as CBS confirmed today that Big Brother 16 will be happening during Summer 2014! Get excited everyone!


There are no details on the dates or anything, but we will have another summer of new HGs and I am expecting a lot more checking into these new people. I think Cat and I should submit our casting tapes, right?

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As much as people don’t like to see people come back from previous seasons, I think we will see that happen for Big Brother 16. They want to play it safe after all the controversy this season, so bringing in some familiar faces to slap people around would be helpful. Get rid of the young, pretty, immature faces and let’s get some people in there that can play the game!

Now, we focus on tonight and another eviction and the finale next Wednesday for Big Brother 2013! We have next year to look forward to though, even if we hate these people!

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