It’s that time of the week for Big Brother 15 fans and we have our first eviction tonight on Big Brother 2013 and to get the ball rolling, I am making my first ever Big Brother 2013 predictions! Who is going home tonight on Big Brother 2013? I have looked over the Big Brother 2013 spoilers and my predictions are below!

Big Brother 2013 Premiere

While there are a few members of the Big Brother 15 house that I would like to see get kicked out, we only have the opportunity to see one of them go home tonight. That is unless CBS and Big Brother host Julie Chen throw us one more twist and send home more people since a bigger cast?

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To refresh everyone’s memories, the houseguests up for nomination are Jessie, Elissa and David. At this point, we can take Jessie’s name off the block. The house is split between Elissa and David. The Moving Company Alliance (which needs to get rid of Jeremy for his actions last night) wants David gone and the catty girls want Elissa gone. So, who wins out?

I think it will be David going home, even though he seems to be naive about the whole situation and the girls think everyone is voting Elissa out. We are in store for some big shockers tonight, so the Live Feeds will be filled with drama tonight, so get them now if you don’t have them already!!!

Who do you think it will be going home tonight on Big Brother 15?

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