This live eviction show tonight on Big Brother 2013 could be much more exciting and we can only hope that the HouseGuests wake up today and realize what opportunity they have right in front of their faces and snatch onto it! Big Brother host Julie Chen returns for the Week 5 eviction on Big Brother 15 and it appears that it will be a pretty clear vote, even with some attempts to stir the pot this week by some of the HGs. Check out my Big Brother 2013 predictions below and see who I think goes home tonight on Big Brother 2013!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Week 5 Nominees

This Big Brother 2013 cast baffles me and the HGs they decide to go after each week. Helen seems to want someone else out every other minute, including her own alliance. Amanda has been gunning for Howard and Spencer for a couple weeks now and her prayers were answered, but she just wants them out because she can’t manipulate them (her words). They say Howard is a threat, but he has yet to win anything this season, so how is he a threat? Here are your final three nominees for Week 5, as seen last night on Big Brother 15:

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  • Amanda Zuckerman
  • Candice Stewart
  • Howard Overby

Howard knows that four or five of the HGs are controlling everything, but no one will listen to him and Aaryn seems to be sucking Judd over to the bad side, so it is a lost cause in trying to make a big move tonight. Aaryn thinks she is safe, but no HoH title for her next week and she is a target again…she is that stupid!

Whether we like it or not, I think we are going to see Howard get voted off tonight and the reign of terror continues for Helen and Amanda….ugh!

Who do you think is going home tonight?

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