We are in for a special treat tonight on Big Brother 2013, as the HouseGuests will be somewhat surprised (some of them are thinking it will happen this week and others think it will be next week or in a couple weeks) when Big Brother host Julie Chen informs them that it is a Double Eviction tonight on Big Brother 15! Like the announcer said last night on Big Brother 2013, we will get one week of Big Brother in one night! Not sure of how the double eviction will work quite yet, but here are my Big Brother 2013 predictions for the first vote!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Week 6 Nominees

The only reason why I am excited for tonight is because of the double eviction. These HGs really know how to ruin it for us all, as they seem to have a plan in place for the target a week in advance and everyone follows suit to the leaders of the pack! Mix it up a little, otherwise you will be that next target people! Here are the nominees for tonight on Big Brother 2013:

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  • Candice Stewart
  • Spencer Clawson
  • Amanda Zuckerman

CBS did not hold anything back in last night’s episode and showed the terrible side of Amanda that most people have been talking about, yet she still doesn’t get why or how America would put her on the block as Big Brother MVP. Apparently everyone else in the house is blind, because two weeks on the block and there have only been small murmurs of plans to evict Amanda.

The target this week has been and still is Candice, so they vote her out tonight (sadly) and then we move on to the second elimination. I am curious to see how this works, especially with the Big Brother MVP in play. I think that twist is done tonight and Jessie better win Head of Household because she will not be afraid to split up Amanda and McCrae!

Who do you think is going home tonight?

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