The topic of Big Brother 2013 racism has been a huge one and many media outlets have covered this issue, but I have had many responses to this topic in our comments section on here and on our Facebook page and I want to address those comments and thoughts today. I am creating a new Big Brother 15 poll and want to know if this is an issue of oversensitive viewers or are these HouseGuests hateful people? Check out our Big Brother 2013 spoilers and vote in the poll below.


So many times I have seen comments of people saying that the viewers are being oversensitive or we need to grow thicker skin and the things that the HouseGuests are saying on Big Brother 2013 are not that terrible. I want to keep it civil here and want to get thoughts from both sides of the fence on this one.

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We all joke among our friends and we may have all said inappropriate things every once in a while. I can get on board with that one. However, certain HouseGuests (Aaryn and GinaMarie) continue to make comments, even with other HGs telling them to tone it down a little. These people have cameras on them 24/7 and they don’t seem to even care or are not smart enough to realize what they are saying can be taken in a hurtful way, even if they are meaning to say the things as a “joke.”

Aaryn is sitting in the Big Brother 2013 house and thinks she has done nothing wrong. GinaMarie can’t stop crying over Nick long enough to think she is spewing hateful words when the tears dry up. The latest statement (that I found offensive) was on last night’s show and when Aaryn was put on the block by Judd. She commented on Judd putting a bigger target on her back that even a blind kid could hit it. Her hate stops at no one, folks!

So, is it the viewers being oversensitive and offended too easily or are these HouseGuests on Big Brother 2013 hateful people saying vile things?

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