With the three remaining HouseGuests on Big Brother 2013, GinaMarie Zimmerman was the one I was rooting for to win Big Brother 15. Sure she said some cruel things during her time in the house, but they all did so how could we look past that for some and not for everyone? I think she is entertaining and she kicked some butt in the challenges, even when she had everything on her body broken and hurting! Check out her interview with Jeff Schroeder below in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers video!

Big Brother 2013 - GinaMarie

GM is something else, but I think she would have your back in any situation if she told you she would. She is loyal and she has a big heart and a big love for Nick Uhas. Of course they discuss Nick, but they also discuss the finale and her love for Andy HerrenHe managed to backstab and lie to everyone and come out as everyone’s favorite in that Big Brother 2013 house. Why is that???

Check out here interview here:

For even more words from GinaMarie, check out the interview she did with Big Brother Network!

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