Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2013 on CBS should be an amazingly fun and great episode to watch, so I am highly recommending all of us coming back tonight and watching together during my Big Brother 2013 Live Recap. To see all this action played out on the TV screen and see what the HGs have to say about it all is going to awesome. These past few days have me pumped for Big Brother 15 again and I am hoping this episode tonight gets everyone on board again! Check out a sneak peek below in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers video!

Big Brother 2013 - Episode 26 Preview

For those people out there that refuse to read any of my Big Brother 2013 spoilersthen tonight is going to be extra special for you. There has been some great action going on in that house and tears, drama and people standing their ground and doing things the right way. I know I write for this site and am a fan of the show, but I honestly think this might be the best episode of the season so far tonight! We shall see when it airs!

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I’m paid to write about the show and give you all the details. I am not paid to like it and a lot of this season has given us things to not like, but I think you all will enjoy tonight! Check out the preview here and my Live Recap will take place tonight, so come watch with all of us here at BBB:

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