It looks like these Big Brother 2013 houseguests don’t hold any grudges from anything that happened in the Big Brother 15 house and they all realize it was a game, as many of them have been hanging out since the show ended. The latest HGs to meet up since the show ended: Helen Kim and Candice Stewart. Check out some of the pics they shared below in my Big Brother 2013 spoilers.


Besides McCrae and Amanda, who are still going strong with their showmance, there have been some real friendships formed in that house. Candice and Helen were tight in the house, but Helen did go against Candice when she was evicted. No grudges, as Candice came to Chicago and hung out with Helen and her family!

Check out some photos of Candice with Helen’s family and they met up with Big Brother 15 winner Andy Herren and Big Brother Canada’s Liza Stinton:

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