We had a slow week in the Big Brother 2013 house, as Helen won Head of Household for Week 3 and she put a plan in place and it all went as planned on Big Brother 15. We saw Jeremy go home on the live eviction show last night on Big Brother 2013 and then we saw Judd win the HoH competition and we have fresh blood. Now we know the nominees from the new HoH for Week 4 in our Big Brother 2013 spoiler below!


According to the Live Feeds last night and the happenings in the house today, it seems that Amanda wants Howard to get backdoored, but Judd is not on board with that idea. He is all gung ho with getting a girl out of the house, seeming that three guys have gone home the first three weeks of Big Brother 2013!

See it all go down on the Live Feeds and for 30% less than last year!!!

It seems like Judd has gone back and forth all day and night. Would he nominate Kaitlin and GinaMarie or would Aaryn work into the equation? They are all figuring out how the MVP vote will work into it and thinking Elissa will win again, however we all know that America is MVP this week and will nominate the third houseguest on the block this week! And here are Judd’s nominees for Week 4:

  • Kaitlin
  • Aaryn

He decided to not go with GinaMarie, but Aaryn instead, but he is being beyond nice to all of the nominees. He thinks the HoH is going to get screwed with this twist announced by Julie Chen, but he is wrong. With Aaryn on the block (and most likely the #1 vote-getter by America), we will move down the list for the second (or third) pick by America.

What do you think of the nominees from Judd on Big Brother 2013?

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