We all watched the live eviction show on CBS last night for Big Brother 2013 and the unanimous vote to evict Aaryn Gries from the Big Brother 2013 house. We were all anticipating the interview Aaryn would have with Big Brother host Julie Chenespecially after comments she has made on The Talk concerning Aaryn and her comments earlier in the season (and the night before her eviction). I thought it would be a disappointment, especially with Aaryn going to the jury house and not being able to divulge much information outside of Big Brother 15. I was not disappointed though and it was great. Check it out in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers video below!

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - Aaryn Gries Evicted Interview

After her eviction from the house last night on Big Brother 2013, Aaryn came out to some mixed reactions from the crowd. Julie started in slow on her, but then brought up the comments and Aaryn tries to deny them and doesn’t remember them. Well, Julie pulls out the card and reads a few direct quotes from Aaryn. She looks stunned, as anyone would in that moment.

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So, was Julie Chen too hard on Aaryn? Was it a bad situation and Julie/CBS went about it the wrong way? Some may argue that Julie was harsh on Aaryn and she had no time to prepare her answers and prepare for what was to come. Well, I would like to say that that is what made this great. She was so dazed and confused and thought this is what they “do in Texas” and that makes it okay. If you think it was harsh, this was only minimal to what else is going to happen from here for Aaryn.

Like Julie said, Aaryn has the chance to watch herself back and living in the Big Brother 2013 house for 70 days. Hopefully she takes this experience and this interview with Julie Chen and losing her jobs and grows as a person. She was raised this way and you can’t blame her for that. She is young and I think (and hope) that she can move on past this and grow to be a better person. I think those tapes are going to open her eyes to some wild things and here’s to hoping she lives and learns from Big Brother 15.

Check out the interview here and tell me what you think:

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