If you all wanted to go to bed and missed all the action over night on the Big Brother 15 live feeds, then you missed a lot of action and we have some highlights for you in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers below. We have alliances forming and showmances going strong and maybe taken to the next level for two houseguests on Big Brother 15???

Big Brother 2013 Spoilers - McCrae

The houseguests are starting to freak out and the claws are coming out, but where things go from here pretty much lies in the hands of McCrae:

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  • The Power of Veto Competition for Week 1 was held and McCrae was the winner! He claimed to not want the power, but then he goes and wins? It had to do with spelling.
  • Now the alliances are all shifting, as they try to figure out what McCrae is going to do. The house wants Elissa gone, but then Nick comes up with a plan to save Elissa and vote out David. Either way, it looks like Jessie or Candice will be saved and Elissa will be put up for eviction. Then it is a matter of what McCrae decides to do. Keep the house happy and vote Elissa out or keep a few people happy and vote David out?
  • Aaryn treats David like a little child and is getting more and more annoying with it.
  • Jeremy and Kaitlin had some under-the-cover action caught on camera!
  • Aaryn and Jessie take a bubble bath together to keep guys interested in them???

So, where do you think things go from here? What does McCrae do with the POV on Big Brother 2013? Check out some pictures from Big Brother Network in the meantime:

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