The joys of Big Brother 2013 and the Live Feeds: you just never know what you are going to get and something that seems like a sure thing can change within one day, especially when these HouseGuests have two days to work on alliances and gaining votes for either side of the fence. It was an eventful night in the Big Brother 15 house and we have some highlights in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

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One of the big happenings of the night was alarms going off in the middle of the night and the houseguests were summoned to the backyard. It looks like the new Head of Household Competition tonight will be a memory game, which has led to some of the HouseGuests forming studying groups and not sleeping all night long! Helen and Alissa are hoping to be safe this week and then plan on one of them winning HoH. Anyone else loving this Mommy Alliance they have formed on Big Brother 2013?

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Besides preparing for the HoH, it was a day/night of alliances shifting and a lot of game talk going on. We started the week thinking Elissa was a sure thing to go home, but now it looks like Nick may have taken over and could he possibly be going home? I think and I pray that it is him going home.

Why? He is getting too cocky for me and I think he thinks too highly of himself, but not nearly as bad as Jeremy. That is another thing: he is aligning himself with Jeremy and anyone that does that needs to go in my opinion! Elissa, besides being Rachel Reilly’s sister, has done nothing wrong, so why the target on her back for two weeks in a row?

Amanda is working McCrae to vote out Nick and it may have finally worked. He wanted a 100% commitment from Jessie on voting out Nick and it appears that Judd convinced her. So, McCrae going against the Moving Company…this will be a good vote tonight on Big Brother 2013!

Where the votes could possibly go tonight (if this happens, I will scream with joy):

  • Helen – none
  • Nick – Judd, Andy, Candice, Jessie, Amanda and McCrae (6 votes)
  • Elissa – Spencer, Howard, Jeremy, Kaitlin and GinaMarie (5 votes)

Helen and Candice put way too much trust in Howard, because he turns around and tells the MC. Spencer is the next target for Helen, should Nick get voted out tonight.

Aaryn and Kaitlin are not fans of each other anymore, because Kaitlin apparently ruined one of Aaryn’s bikinis. They both talk bad about each other for a good portion of the night.

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