The actual show airing last night on CBS may have been filled with lots of drama and racist commentary, but the actual Big Brother 2013 house was pretty calm on Sunday and no real drama happened and it was more fun and game play talk of getting Jeremy out of the house. Big Brother 15 has primarily focused on the racist and homophobic comments made by HouseGuests, but could these people finally be playing the game? Check out some highlights of Sunday for Week 3 in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers below!

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Most of the day consisted of convincing Kaitlin to use the Power of Veto that she won on herself and then Jeremy would be going home. Helen and Elissa even struck a deal with her to keep her safe and that America would love her if she saved herself and put Jeremy up there. Is this true? I believe she has finally moved past the idea of not using it and realizes Jeremy will go home next week either way, so keep herself in the game. She may be playing some people though to make it look like she is still contemplating it all.

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For other happenings in the house, GinaMarie stopped the tears long enough and got all dressed up with Helen and Elissa and did some impersonations of the Jersey Shore characters. Some light-hearted fun for a change in the Big Brother 2013 house.

Candice and Howard seem to be getting closer and closer, as seen in the episode last night on CBS. This is a showmance that has not been blasted on the cameras and I like it!

Jeremy does keep the racism alive and well, as he has a fly around him and proceeds to say, “I’m African. We’re used to it.” We have quick exits from the room by Howard and Andy. These people are idiots, right?

Back to game play, but Judd calls out Jeremy for not including him in the Moving Company alliance, but then said it was a stupid idea that early in the game (is Judd smarter than we think)? Later on, we may have a new Final Four alliance, as Amanda, Judd, McCrae and Andy form an alliance to the end. How long will that last on Big Brother 2013?

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