The Big Brother 2013 house has been calm the past two days, so should we expect a big explosion of some kind in the next 24 hours or so before the live eviction show tomorrow night on Big Brother 15? It is eerily weird, but did everyone in the house accept the fact that Jeremy will be going home this week on Big Brother 2013? Not so fast, as Jeremy finally started to do some game play to save himself last night, but too little, too late? Check it out in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers that follow!

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Alliances: people are still shifting and forming new alliances and naming their alliances. Judd and Jessie shook on a final two alliance and named it “Tenexas.” Then Elissa, Helen, McCrae, Amanda. Andy and Judd agree to an alliance, but are on the fence about letting Jessie in. They are called “The Knockouts” and assign a member of the other side for them to work on: Helen gets GinaMarie, Andy gets Kaitlin, Elissa gets Candice, Judd gets Jessie, Amanda gets Aaryn and McCrae gets Spencer. No gets Howard? And I guess the plan to backdoor Jeremy is still in affect?

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That may be the plan still on Big Brother 2013, but Jeremy finally tries to make a plea to keep him. He talks with Andy and then Helen and Elissa. He said he will be a nicer guy and do whatever Helen says if they keep him. They seem to be contemplating it, but once he leaves the HoH room they know he has to go. He talks with Amanda, but he is lying to everyone and it is just hurting his case.

I am starting to question GinaMarie and if this is all an act or is she really that crazy? The “memorial service” was supposed to take place yesterday to bury Nick’s things, but she was too much of a mess and it was postponed! No one can really be this upset over someone they have known for two weeks, right? She is playing a game to go further in Big Brother 2013, right?

The Knockouts are already talking game play after they get rid of the other side of the house and Amanda and Judd want to keep Jessie around longer than Helen, since she outed their whole alliance to Jeremy! Then Amanda wants Elissa to be the first one gone after the other side of the house is gone. Too many cooks in the kitchen and they are all stirring the pot!

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